Friday, June 5, 2020

Siblings secret!

Hello, I'm Himani from Mumbai. After I turned to sweet sixteen, I got addicted to masturbation. And strange things were, that I used masturbate thinking about my twin brother. I was really fascinating to him. We shared room together at 15 year.
We always had a kind of close relationship and recently we had been watching some porn videos together, I hadn’t really thought it was weird, it was just kinda fun to do, and we both clung to each other at bedtime. Quite of times he put his fingers into my panties and touched my vagina. It's given me unbelievable feeling. I hadn’t even considered he would want me. Although we got separate our room last year. But I like to think about old time while masturbation. Its makes me more hot and helps me to reach my orgasm faster. I don't know what he thinks about me but, I got wet almost every time for him. I imagined many stories of our sex. Once family decided to visit Goa. I was really excited for this trip. Finally day came when we all went to Goa. My dad booked online hotel near to beach. Scenery was so beautiful surroundings hotel. Dad booked 2 rooms in the hotel. After we having dinner, me and my brother went to room. He is the hottest person alive. He attracted every girl, where ever he went. As we went to the bed. I wear my sleeping shorts with sleeveless t-shirt.  The first day I couldn’t get sleeping because of the warmness and neither could he so he took his shirt off, leaving his body only wearing underwear. I realized then what I could do and waited for his to go to sleep. An hour later I clung to him a bit and asked if he was awake. He didn’t react and I was getting horny. The first night I only touched his chest a little bit and stared at his dick. I couldn’t help myself and cum into my panties. The next night I grew more confident. After one hour I kept my right thigh exact on his dick and put my head on his chest. Gradually I tighten myself with his chest. After a while I realized his dick started to grow. After a few moments his dick was coming out of underwear.  I started to stroke his dick with my thighs. I asked him if he is sleeping. He responded "No". And then I touched his crotch, at this point dick was already hard so he started touching it through my boobs and stroking it. Then i asked him if he wanted a handjob and this time he said yes. I was too nervous, we started masturbating each other, he was fingering me and I was jerking him off. After a bit of that he asked me if I wanted to have sex, and I said yes if you are comfortable with me and we decided to do missionary. We undressed each other quickly. I was completely naked. He sucked my boobs. And then he started going in and out, I was moaning softly but he kept quiet. He was fucking me so good, that I wish to have this sex for a long time. After a while we both were completely sweaty. He looked in my eyes and said "he gonna cum" and until I could say he cum in my pussy. The next day he seemed to have no idea about what had happened. But little did I know it was going to happen, many, many more times.

Thank you for reading!


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