Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Horny hotel guest

I feel me so annoyed to do this job here. But I need the money for my next year of study.

It’s just 9 pm. Still for the next five hours I have to open the big glass doors of this luxury hotel for his rich guests. 

And always I have to smile and to great them over friendly. This is not my nature.
I am a silent and shy young man in the age from 23. 

Okay next big car with guests are arrived and stopped in the front of the hotel. 
A blue Mercedes SL, wow. 

But this amazing car is nothing in front of this beautiful woman coming out now. 
She is wonderful. She wears a silver glance dress, which shows her long sexy legs. 

The dress is so tightly, that I can see all her sexy curves. Her boobs are so, so extremely big and she don’t wear any underwear, to hide her stiff and big nipples. 

My dick is reacting promptly. And he is in alarm for fuck mood. 

A quiet voice is disturbing my mad thoughts. It’s she. „Can u stop to look on my body and start now to open me the door, young man?“ Then she laughs. 

First now I realise how beauty her face is. She is absolutely perfect, but much more older than me. 

I open her fast the door and say her now friendly welcome.

„Can u bring my travel bag in my room, guy?“ I am short before to say no, because this is not part of my job. 

But I change my opinion and take her bag out of the car and follow her sexy steps to the lift. 

Her ass moving in front of me is like feeling to be in heaven. He is so big, that I only can think on one thing now, how it would be to fuck this ass. 

We reach the lift and go both inside. 
Nobody else is there. She presses the button for the 21 floor, the penthouse of our hotel. 

As the lift doors close, I feel me like in a true coming sex dream. 

She starts to touch my hard dick through my trousers and starts also to open my mouth with her tongue and is kissing me wild and wet. 

Her fingers open my zip and she take my whole erected dick out. She goes in the knees for me and start to lick and to fuck my full length with her mouth. 

So horny I was never before. I am moaning loud, so much pleasure she gives me with her talented mouth. 

I want more, I want to penetrate her pussy. I take her mouth from my dick and push her body up. 

My hands press her body at the wall of the lift. I do her dress higher and crash her slip. Then I do one of her leg around my body and enter her wet pussy hard. 

My dick pushes her vagina deep and fast, we have not much time. She screams for pleasure and I am running to my orgasm. 

I give her in a wild tempo a really good fuck. I can feel her muscles working around me and she is short before her coming too. After the next three last pushes I give her my juice and she comes with a load moan, too.

I watch, how my juice is dripping outside her pussy on the ground of the lift. 
This makes me again horny and she can see, that my dick is coming in mood again. 

We arrive with a ‚bing‘ the penthouse and enter her hotel room and going in the second and after this in the third round. 

This night is unbelievable hot, it’s like a sex marathon.  

Who cares this boring job! I am fucking the hottest woman of the world!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

मेरे बेटे का मुंह में लेकर चूसने लगी।

मेरे पापा कुछ दिनों के लिए दूसरे शहर में थे। और मुझे पता था कि मेरी माँ को कंपनी की जरूरत है।  मैं घर में चला गया और मैंने माँ को नहीं देखा।  मैंने पीछे की खिड़की से बाहर देखा और मेरी माँ बगीचे में धूप सेंक रही थी।  मैं बिकनी में अपनी मां को काफी दिनों के बाद देख रहा था।  मैं यह नहीं कह सकता कि मैंने कभी उने इस तरह टू-पीस बिकिनी पहने नहीं देखा।

Friday, June 5, 2020

Siblings secret!

Hello, I'm Himani from Mumbai. After I turned to sweet sixteen, I got addicted to masturbation. And strange things were, that I used masturbate thinking about my twin brother. I was really fascinating to him. We shared room together at 15 year.

मेरी कामुक सौतेली मां

यह पिछले साल को हुआ था और यह मेरे जीवन की 100% सच्ची है। मैं 18 साल का हूं और मेरी सौतेली मां 38 साल की थी। वह उस उम्र में बहुत ही रसीली ह...