Sunday, May 3, 2020

I have a gift for you

My office phone rings again.  Today this really annoying me, constantly someone wants something from me. How I can draw a blueprint without silence!

But a look at the number suddenly increases my mood.  It is Amber, my sweet, hot, 25 year old girlfriend. 

I switch to video call to see her smile. 
"Hi babe, wow u looks so, so sexy. What are you wearing? Show me more of it!"

She shakes her pretty head. "Be punctual darling, I'm waiting for you at home.  I have a little present for you."

And then she ends the conversation. My cock almost blows my pants, Amber looked extremely hot in this breath of nothing.  My cock can't wait 
to get this gift.  

Actually, I would still have a lot to do here, but who cares. Amber is waiting on me in a black see-through negligee. 

The prospect of what awaits me at home is too tempting.  I leave my office quickly, drive to the petrol station around the corner and buy a bottle of champagne and my Marlboro.  

After sex there is nothing better than a glass of champagne and a cigarette and maybe a second round of sex.

And then I drive faster than the police allow in my Ford Cabriolet to my Michigan suburb apartment.  

"Amber? Where do you hide?" When I open the apartment door, there is no sign of her.  I actually thought, that she will wait behind the apartment door and directly starts to eat me. I would be ready, my cock is stiff again.  

But thought wrong.  Behind the door is only the corridor, no sexy Amber.

"Here, darling in the living room. We are waiting for you."

We???!!!  What does she mean?  

I hear two women giggle and disappointment spreads within me. We have a guest, so the sex has to wait.  

Nice shit.  My penis agrees with my thoughts and loses its hardness.  

In a much worse mood, I open the door to the living room.  

And my god , my hot mood is suddenly back and my stiff cock too.  

My Amber is naked and licking another woman's pussy on the couch. The other is moaning with lust pleasure. Wow, two nacked woman , giving enjoyment each other, what a hot view!

I definitely want to participate!!!

Amber noticed me, she lifts her head slightly between the other's legs, her face looks heated.  

"Hi darling, you're late, so we thought we start a little bit with fumbling us. That we are really wet, when you come to us. Come here darling, we are ready for you."

And I'm ready too, so what of ready !!!  Opening my pants, I go to the couch. 

In the meantime, they have both straightened up.  Both hair is tangled and her lips are shining from licking their pussy juice. Their breasts are plump and her nipples are stiff. Amber's nipples are pink, her girlfriend's are brownish red. 

I take place between them and open Amber's mouth with my tongue, fuck her mouth with her.  My fingers pinch her nipples.  She likes it a bit rougher.  

Meanwhile, her girlfriend is taking good care of my cock with a blowjob. As soon as I sat, she already had my penis between her full lips. She can take him in full and sucks on him like a machine. 

I moan in Amber's mouth. It's time to fuck!

I lift the head of the brunette stranger and kiss her, taste myself on her. Then I get up and tell Amber and her to kneel down on the couch with her ass in my direction.  

I position myself behind Amber and with a hard push, which makes her cry out, I penetrate her pussy with my cock and get started. Her girlfriend needs also my attention, so I penetrate her ass hole with my middle finger.  

And while I take both women at the same time in this way, they both kiss wildly.  

That turns me on even more.  I bump into Amber again and again, her pussi squeezes tightly and wetly around me.  

But the stranger also demands my cock.  "Now, I.  Fuck me now, please!!! "

I have a real luxury problem here. Two women, who are horny for me.  

So I change the woman and push my already extremely erect penis in the stranger girl. She is drenched and feels as good as Amber.  She keeps pushing her ass towards me to increase my speed. 

And her ass is big and invites to do more with him. My cock wants to feel how tight it is there.  

So I push my dick into her asshole and take her there.  In front I grab her clit, press and rub her quickly.  

She comes moaning under me.  

I'm ready too.  I quickly switch back to Amber, who is waiting eagerly for me.  

A few last hard knocks and I give her my juice.  Amber comes with me at the same time.  I can feel and hear it.  

Wow, what for a great sex!!!

Giggling and naked, the three of us go hand in hand to the bedroom and open the champagne in bed, smoke a cigarette together.

Again and again we touch and caress our naked bodies.  

Amber looks tired, turns to the side and closes her eyes.  But the stranger girl is still in top shape and I am too.

My cock is stiff again and definitely ready for round two.  

I lie down on her and open her legs. Then I whisper in her ear: "Time, that you get my juice now, beautiful stranger."

And then I penetrate her pussy.  She writhes wildly with lust under me, pushes her pelvis towards me.  

Amber's voice comes to me softly and sleepily.  "And have you liked my present darling?"

And while I spray my sperm next to my girlfriend in an other woman, 
I scream: "yes ... yes .... oh yes!!!"

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