Monday, April 20, 2020

The package - open me and get a surprise

The package - I am never really excited about an order, but today I am, I don't know why.
Maybe it's that insanely rough, sexy voice of the man who ordered me.  He fascinated me and aroused my curiosity about him.  

I prepare for the evening with trembling hands.  I lightly lotion my body with body lotion and then I slip into my red lace slip.
I stick two strips of red tape in the shape of a cross on my pink nipple.  I will not wear a bra. Carefully I slip with my long slim legs into my black stockings and put on my black tight dress.  To this I wear  red high heels to match my sinfully red-painted lips.  

From the mirror reflection, a 23-year-old Tamara now looks at me.  

That's me, the good math student by day - the sex slave by night.  

I leave my apartment at the agreed time.  Outside, a silver-gray BMW with a chauffeur is waiting for me.  He greets me warmly and then he opens the trunk.  "Misses please get in there."

I obediently climb into the package covered with shiny black fabric and crouch down.  I hear the chauffeur tie the red satin bow around it, close the trunk and start the engine shortly afterwards.  

I am huddled in the box, not exactly pleasant, but it was part of this arrangement.  
After 15 minutes of driving, the car stops, shortly afterwards the trunk is opened and the package is lifted.  

My excitement increases, because now it will start soon.  I attentively soak up the sounds around me.  We drive up a lift, elevone of the porters clears his throat, but no talk between them.  

The lift arrives quickly, there is a little jerky when the men do up the package.  But I am fine.  

Doors open, whispering voices, soft music plays.  The package is dropped.  

I take a few deep breaths to calm myself down, go through the plan and sharpen my senses.  The red bow rustles, someone opens it.  

And that's where my keyword comes from: "Opening" - I recognize his smoky voice immediately.  I put my hands up and push open the box, then I sit up elegantly.  

Next to me is a super hot guy with steel blue eyes, he shakes my hand and helps me get out.  He leads me to the middle of the room to a small golden platform.  

I briefly soak up everything around me.  The location is a loft, four other men are still in the room.  All in suits and around forty, their appearance is neat.  

There is plenty of alcohol, whiskey and vodka on the tables, as well as several bottles of schnapps.  My client raises his glass to a roar: “And now my dear friends, we are coming to the pleasant part of the evening.  Something sweet for you, grab it and eat it. ”  

Immediately two of the men come up to me.  Someone steps behind me, lifts my arms and takes off my dress.  
Then he slowly strokes my back and hips.  He reaches under my thong with one hand and starts to play with my buttocks.  

The other man in front of me has opened his fly and is stroking his hard cock, he just looks at me.  

The other three sit at the table and talk excitedly, not looking at me at all.  It annoys me that they don't pay attention to me.  Especially because ,He' doesn't look at me either.  

The men around me now both begin to touch me.  One kneads my breast, the other caresses my clit.  
I like it, they both look good.  I too get in the mood for more.  I kneel on the pedestal and open the pants of the second guy.  I open my mouth for her cock.  And they start right away, alternately shoving their hot cocks in my mouth.  My tongue teases her acorns.  

Otherwise I don't do anything, just open my mouth so that they can fuck him.  As hard, as fast, as long as they want.  

I am her slave.  

While one thrusts into me, the other holds my head so that they can hit really hard.  They are pretty rough, but I like that.  

One after the other they inject their sperm into my face as they come moaning.  I lick my lips full of cum.  

Now I wish that someone wants my pussy.  I'm wet and I want to feel a cock in me.  
I look at the sofa, only the man who fascinates me so much is sitting there.  

Where are the others?  
What's going on here now?  
I am irritated by the new situation.  

He waves me over and tells me to sit next to him.  Then he hands me a glass of whiskey: "I'm Alexander.  Drink sweetie and then you freshen up a bit.  The bathroom is the next door on the right.  When you're done, you'll come to the last room at the end of the hall. "

Then he gets up and leaves the room.  I'm slowly sipping the whiskey, it's strong, but it's good for me.  A little alcohol can't hurt now.  

Then I make myself fresh in the bathroom and head towards the room at the end of the hall with curiosity.  Probably all five men are waiting for me there to eat me.  

I am ready for it.  

Without knocking, I step into the dark room.  Only the glow of several candles light up the room.  My gaze wanders and it only takes a moment to realize, where I am here.  

It is a torture chamber for sex games.  

Whips hang on the walls, a stretching bench with leather shackles for hands and feet in the middle and a cage with chains in the back.  

I am slightly shocked, but at the same time full of anticipation of what will happen next.  

"Hi honey, everything ok? " Alexander comes up to me from the back of the room.  My heart starts racing, he looks extremely hot.  His muscular torso is now bare.  He seems to have showered, his skin is shiny and damp and his hair is wet.  

I can't see the other men.  Perhaps they are watching us, getting horny from us.  I dont know.  

Alexander can seem to read my mind: “We are alone.  I kicked the others out.  I want you for me alone."

How he says that totally turns me on.  "Oh ... "  I sigh, "I see" and give him my hottest smile.  

He picks me up and carries me to the cage, sets me down.  "Go in and kneel down."

I do it.  "Face to the bars and hands too, honey.  Do not be afraid, you will like it."

He reaches into his pocket, takes out a small key and locks me in.  Then he makes himself naked in front of me.  
His long, thick tail sticks up stiffly.  
His tip shines with desire for me.  

"Look at me , honey." And then he masturbates in front of me.  

It makes me horny to watch him do it.  
His hand moves up and down quickly and he groans with excitement.  His steel-blue eyes keep fixing me, noting every little movement I make.  

"Is your pussi already wet, sweetie?"
I nod.  
"Open your mouth, unfortunately she has to be patient."
My mouth presses against the cage wall, I open him wide and Alexander begins to fuck him through the bars.  
He pushes me hard and relentlessly, it hurts, but is hot at the same time.  His cock swells more and more, I can hardly take him in anymore.  

And then he cums, his salty juice flows down my throat.  I drink everything he gives me.  But I'm still unfulfilled, my pussy is throbbing with desire.  

"Don't worry sweetie, that was just the beginning."
He unlocks the cage and leads me to the rack.  "Lie face down on it, Tamara."

Again I willingly obey him.  The leather feels cold on my heated skin.  He puts my hands in the leather cuffs and closes them.  Then he spreads my legs and also chains my feet.  I lie there defenseless, can't see what he's going to do next.  
I am completely at the mercy of him.  

Cold leather stripes caress my back, my buttocks, between my legs.  And then the pain penetrates me.  

He whips my bottom with a leather whip.  He measures the lashes exactly, hard, but not too hard.  I am in a feeling chaos between pain and excitement.  Once, twice ..., he whips ten times.  

"Too much sweetness?  Say stop when it gets too much for you."

I say nothing.  After twenty blows he lets go of me.  My butt burns and feels sore.  He gently anointed my buttocks to relieve my pain.  He spreads a remnant of the ointment on my back opening, stretches me with his finger, and then inserts a butt plug into me.  

"So sexy, sweetheart, how you spread out there in front of me, completely exposed to me and waiting for me to finally be in you."

I moan: "damn it, finally fuck me."

He loosens my bonds and turns me on the stretching bench.  His eyes are now like a predator and I am his prey.  

He rips the red tapes off my nipples and starts licking and biting on them.  His finger penetrates my pussy.  

"So wet sweetie, I think you're ready.  You can come now."

And then the other 4 men kick out of the dark.  I was right, they were watching us, getting horny with us.  

And then everyone alternately penetrates me, filling all my holes with their stiff dicks.

The room is permeated with musky scent and hot breath.  Loud groans sound, also from me.  

All five are great lovers and bring me to the climax together.  I explode with an outcry.  

Shortly after, all the men cum on my face.  

Just not one.  He is waiting for me with a mega stand in the bed next to the rack.  

"Come here baby.  Sorry for my little lie earlier.  But now, now I really only want you for me. "

And then he penetrates me again and again.  And every time he drives me crazy and to the top of my lust.


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