Monday, April 27, 2020

Hot punishment from boss

Today was a really annoying and stressful day in my office. I am working as a secretary in a little company and I am the dogsbody.
Since three months we have a new boss and he is really a terrible person. He is like a dictator, always he controls me and is never satisfied. 

Sure, he is a very attractive man in the fourties, always elegant clothed and he has a tall and muscular body. But what benefits the best look, if the character is shit. I hate him. 

Like right now. It’s short after 6 o‘ clock and I have end of work. Today I have a date with my best girlfriend in our favourite pizzeria and that’s why I wanted to go really punctually. 

But always he wants the next and the next from me. Now he has send me for taking copies from some very important contracts. He needs them on this evening for a business meeting. 

Means , I have to do now and not first tomorrow. So I stand here in the little copy room on the end of the corridor with my bad mood and look always on my watch. And I am sticking in my thoughts, how the best way would be to kill my boss. 

In this moment opens the door and the devil in person of my boss comes in. „Casandra, I have found some documents more, which I need today. 
Make also a copy from them and put all on my office table. I will short make a break for smoking outside. 

I look angrily to him and I think it’s first time,  that I show my aggression on him directly. And he notice that. „Is something not okay, Cassandra? This are only some copies. Not a big thing. This is only the work of a help employer.“

And this is the moment I burst: „Yes. Then do self. I have since 15 min end of work and I have a date. I am sure you are also able to do this easy work. 
I will go now.“

I am shocked by myself, that I said this. So I search his view and wait on his reaction. He has his view fixed on me, he touches my body with his eyes and his eyes are dark, dark for lust on me. 

He comes very close to me and presses his hardness on me. I can feel how horny he is. Extremely!

His voice is dangerous whispering to me: „I think for this fault against your boss u have to earn a special punishment. I think u agree with me, or?“ 

And what a fuck, I do. I am horny too, my pussy was long not more so wet like now and my whole body is in erection. Ready,  that he starts to touch me and to take me.  

So I whisper too: „Yes, you are right,  boss. For this I need a punishment. Give it me, fast please.“

He opens his trousers and gives his stiff cock free. His tip is red shining and waiting on my tongue and my mouth. 

I go on my knees and start to play with his cock, first I touch slowly his tip with my tongue. Lick over his full length on his underside and then I take his hardness in my mouth and give him a heavy blowjob. He holds my head in his hands and forces my tempo. 

His loud must moans echoes  through the little room. I don’t want he comes in my mouth. To much I am dropping for lust, want that he takes my pussy hard. 

So I stop my mouth moves and stand up. Slowly I take my dress higher, show him my slip and my legs. „Fuck me boss, this punishment I want.“

He lifts my body on the copy machine and spreads my legs. He crashes my slip with his hands and take off his jeans only till his knees. 

And then, hmmmhh... ahhhh..., he comes  in one hard push in my pussy. My muscles working around him, press his penis. My wetness oils him and shows him how lusty for sex I am. 

He is so fast fucking in me, that I have fear copy machine will broken. I can not more hold my juice, to long I was waiting to be fucked by him. I come and he is taking the voice of my moans by kissing me.

„Go on the knees , Casandra.“ He lefts my vagina and I go on my knees. His hand do the rest, he pushes his penis hard and fast with her. His sperm comes, he sprays on my face. My lips are fully of his juice and I lick them, to get his taste. 

Wow, what for a great punishment, I think. 

Truth is, I was horny on him since a long time, I don’t hate him. 

And what I can say, after that day,  I was mostly a bad girl to him. And always I got a very special punishment from him. 

Sry, boss, that I so often rude to you......

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