Sunday, April 5, 2020

First Time Sex With Call Girl de luxe

I have really a hard day behind me. The business meetings of this day were heavy and also not successfully. So I sit now here frustrated in my hotel room on the black couch with a glass of red wine.

Since ten minutes I look continuously on the little paper with this special phone number, which I hold in my left hand. It's the number of escort service.

One of my business partners gave me with the words: Maybe after this shit day you need a little bit fun as we said us together bye.

Yes I want to forget , that all was going wrong on this day and I want to dominate a woman to get the feeling back, that I am the boss.

My decision is done. I take my iPhone and make a call to this number.

"Hi Sir, here is Niharika from the - Call me for hot fun- Agentur."

"Do u want to book a girl Sir?"

"If yes, say me please, which type you prefer and for how long you want to use our special Call girl service."

"I will send you photo of 3 call girls and you can choose your favourite."

Her voice is sounding sexy and hot. So hot, that my dick going hard only by hearing her.

"You, I book you for the whole night. When you will be here?"

"Ohhh.... Me?, without seeing me, Sir?"

"Yes, you, I want definitely you."

"Ohhhhhk, Sir, but price is 10k rs, is that okay?"

"Yes, I am. How long you will take to come in my hotel?"

"Around one hour Sir, I just wanna to make me fresh and then I will take a taxi."

"Perfect, I  am excite to meet u, Sexy."

Time is running now, one hour is not much till she will arrive. A short look on the room says me it's okay enough. The room cleaner was here today.

I order a bottle of champagne by the room service and then I go in the bathroom for a fast shower.

My stiff dick is not more going since I had this phone call. Still I have her for sex appeal bubbling voice in my ears, this keeps me horny.

I would like to masturbate now, but I have to be strong. I need all my sex power for this girl.

After shower I slip in my jeans, I wear nothing under it, more clothes I will not wear, I want to impresse her with my sixpack at the moment I will open the door.

A spray of moschus parfum on my neck and cleaning my teeths and I am ready for this fuck adventure.

A view on my watch says me still ten minutes time. Tooo long, no mood more to wait longer.

It knocks quietly on the door "room service Mister"

I open instantly and what a surprise!
An absolutely great looking young girl stands in front of me with the champagne in the hand.

She gives me a big smile and enters my hotel room without asking me.

I have a hunch, why.

"U are not the room service, or?"

"Right" she smiles, "you caught me. I am your call girl Niharika."

She makes a move around to show me her front and backside.

"Sir, are you satisfied with your choice?"

"Oh yes sweetie and I am so satisfied, you are so beautiful."

She looks over my body, starting by my head and ending by my penis, which still stucks in the jeans. Then she looks up in my eyes and says seriously: "Me too. U are also absolutely perfect looking. I can not believe my luck."

I am sure, she says this to all her clients, but who cares.

"Enough with the small talk, this is not the sence of this evening!"

She laughs and looks a little bit shy in my direction.

"Keep the champagne on the table and then go on your knees."

She takes the position and during I go to her I open my jeans and let my stiff dick free.

I stand now for her , my penis prangs for her mouth. "Give me a blowjob!"

Niharika, starts to play with her tongue, in change she licks me and takes the first centimetres of my cock in her mouth.

"Open your mouth, I want fuck." And then I push my dick between her red lips and do him in his full length in.

Her mouth is big, she has no problem to take my cock fully. I fuck her mouth hard and fast, only short I give her from time to time a break for taking air.

Her head is shaking, because my hard tempo. And then my sperms coming explosivly. She drinks all and after this she licks over her erotic lips.

"A hot start for this night baby and now make me horny for the next round."

I go back to the couch and sit me down, take my mobile and start a slowely song.

"Dance and Striptease for me."

Niharika stand up and first now I take me really time to look on her erotic body.

She stands there in a darkblue coloured jumpsuit and highheels and start to dance slowly.

Her tits are big and chubby. She has a small, but not to small figure and her height is around 5.7 feet.

But the best part is blond skin and her blue eyes. This is like a wonder.

Only this to see makes me crazy for her.

Now she starts to take out her clothes. She pulls the jumpsuit under her shoulders and give me the view on her sexy black bra free.

Short she hold this point and moves only to the music.

Now she takes all in one movement away, slips out of her high heels and stands only in underwear for me.

She looks wow. My penis is again hard and ready for the next round.

But I want a little bit more entertainment from her side first.

"Take now only the tanga off, I want to see your pussy".

She is fully shaved and with a little tattoo on it.

I take the champagne bottle from the table and open it. I take a big sip.

Delicious, I am sure the taste of Niharika's  juice is it too.

I stand up and bring the bottle to her, but don‘t give her for drink.

I do the bottle between her legs and rubb with her on her stiff clit.

Not enough, I think, I want to see her in a vulgar sex position right now.

So I put the bottle on the floor, exactly between her legs under her pussy.

I am going back to the couch, sit again.

"Fuck now with the bottle, babe. Ride as would it be my cock."

She goes light with her legs in the knees and hold short her hole over the bottle neck, looks in my eyes. And during this, she takes the bottle in her pussy.

She starts really to ride on her. I can see the wetness on the bottle neck, Niharika self feels stimulate by doing that.

Wow, its looking so so horny, how she fuck this champagne bottle.

Niharika starts to moan for pleasure and is riding faster.

I watch fascinate and touch self my dick. Now my turn has to start, I can not more wait to punish her hole hard.

"Stop now bad girl and drink from the bottle."

She hears promptly and stand up with the bottle in the hand. Slowly she takes out of her vagina and starts to drink from the bottle, she had three seconds before in her wetness.

"Go on the bed, fast. Face and body to me, that I can see how u enjoy my fuck."

I follow her and take three of my ties to bound her hands on the bed sides. The third one I use to close her eyes.

It looks so wow, as she lies before me, helpless and in tension, what I will do next with her.

Her breathe is quick and she spreads her legs for me, want my cock.

"No, no youu little horny slut. U have to wait till you get me. First I want to taste you. "

I take the champagne and fill some of it in her hole and then I drink from her pussy this exquisite drink.

"Tasty babe, your wetness and champagne on my tongue, it makes me drunk for horniness."

I fuck her with my tongue till her body starts to shake for lust.

And in this moment I push my cock in she to catch and to feel  her orgasm with my penis.

She comes and I start to punish her hole wild. I pump deeper and deeper, my penis is hard like stone.

If  I not take tempo, I will come to fast. But I want to enjoy this much more longer.

As I take my cock out she reacts angry, No!!. "

Come back, you fucking guy, I am short before again!!! "

I laugh and take oil on my fingers. Her ass  I want as next. I put one pillow under her that I can come better in her ass. Then I enter her , first with one, then with two fingers. Make her wide for me.

And then I put my cock in. Slowely I am fucking her ass and with my middelfinger I rubb her clit in the same rhythm.

Its damn hot. My tempo increase, in her ass and on her pussy too. I feel how my sperm want to come, my muscles move and I spray and spray my juice and feel how she move same moment under my fingers crazy for sexpleasure.

She and I moan , are coming together to the top of lust.

This was a hard night for my cock.

After four times sex more we stopped to fuck us and fallen asleep.

As I wake up, Niharika's gone.

On the pillow next to me is a handwrite note from her: "Thanks for this unbelievable night. I am not a callgirl, I work only there as a recepsnist. So you had luck, that night you got me for free. Call me, if u want me again."

Sure I want and only one hour later I know the when and where...

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