Thursday, April 16, 2020

The start of a long night of lesbian love

Sophie and I enter her apartment laughing. We were at a small company party with our colleagues to celebrate the successful business year.

It was really nice, we all had a lot of fun together.  It was a great eveningSince it is already past midnight, Sophie asked me if I would like to sleep in her flat. I accepted thankfully.  
Sophie and I are the same age, both 27, and we have a good connection.  

Nice apartment, everything so modern, but still cozy."  Sophie smiles at me and nods: Yes, I think so too. Laura, I'll hop in the shower quickly, okay? Make yourself comfortable, I'll be back in 15 minutes.

And then she walks towards the bathroom at the end of the little hall.  I make myself comfortable in the living room and close my eyes a bit.  
Sophie could finally finish now, I have to go to the toilet urgently.  The alcohol at the party stimulates my bladder function.  Five minutes later I can't more wait. 

I knock on the bathroom door: Sophie, can I take a quick dip into the bathroom, 
I have to go on toilette short.
Sure, come in.
Sophie is still under the shower. 
I sit on the toilet and my eyes wander to her. 
The shower curtain is only half closed, 
I can  see her naked body clearly. 
She is an attractive woman , with a mega breast and a plump ass like a hot porn star.
It looks hellishly erotic, how she is standing there, shining wet from the shower water. 
The water and the foam slowly flow down on her sexy body.

If I were a man, I would be stiff now. And I also react. My pussy is wet and my nipples are hard. The view of Sophie makes me horny. I want her! 

I have no idea whether she likes women like I do as a bisexual. But in some minutes I will get my answer. 
I get up and make me self completely naked. Then I pull the shower curtain a little more to the side and come to the naked hot Sophie.

She doesn't protest. Her eyes slide over my naked body. I am aware, that she can feel and see , that I am horny on her.
I take some foam from her body and use it to soap my hard nipples.  
Sophie looks me in the eyes,  but says nothing.  She takes some shower gel in her hand and starts to soap my boobs.
I am happy - she wants to play with me too.  Her hand slowly slides over my body, touching my wet skin with her fingers. 
She stops on my pussy, touching the small strip of hair in my middle.  Then she starts to animate my clit so extremely good.

This is the moment when I open her mouth with my tongue and we fuck our mouths in a wild kiss.  She is constantly stroking and rubbing my clit.  I twist now Sophie's stiff nipples between my fingers.  

Sophie takes her hand from me and turns off the shower.  She grabs my hand and pulls me out of the shower cabin. 
Come Sweetheart, I want to sleep with you.

Soaking wet we go to her bedroom together.  Standing in front of the bed we start kissing again and let ourselves fall into the bed together, closely wrapped in each other.  

We explore each other by touching us, biting and licking our naked bodies.  Sophie reaches into her bedside drawer and pulls out a monster vibrator.  
Do you want him in you?
I nod. Then she pushes the big vibrator into my wet pussy, turns him on and starts fucking me with him. Unbelievable how good it feels.  

My muscles are delighted with this stimulation. She increases the speed of the sex toy and pushes me harder at the same time.  My orgasm rushes through me in a wave, my whole body shakes in this moment of pleasure.  I feel light as a feather.

Now it's Sophie’s turn. I spread her legs and post my head between them, my tongue plays with her clit and then I penetrate her moisture with my tongue, my tongue fucks into her.  

Sophie moans loudly and moves in ecstasy.  To feel, how much pleasure I give her, makes me horny again.  I change now my position and spinning over her.  
My pussy floats over her mouth, her pussy under my mouth - great 69 sex position. 
It’s absolutely perfect for doing lesbian  sex.

We lick each other's clit and fingering us hard.  Our moans echo through the small room and we both spray our pussy juice at the same moment. 

The start of a long night of lesbian love ...


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