Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Slutty boss's wife wants me on bed

These are very strange incidents in my life.  I was working in my office like everyday.  My company boss called me to his cabin.  After going there, he told me that there is a important file in the leptop.  Which he forgot to copy on his laptop while coming to office.  He asked me to go home and copy the file from this computer.  I said yes and went towards his house.

I reached his house and his wife opened the door.  I have met his wife many times before.  I told politely the purpose to her and asked about the computer.  Now I would like to tell about her.  She is under 30 years of age, on the other hand my boss is 10 years older than her.  She wore red lipstick with light make-up and she is wearing a black night dress with a length of thigh.  Her dyed open hair and blond body are able to attract attention.

Her cleavage started to catching my eyes.  Looks like her boobs is going to out of the dress.  She called in and asked to sit on the couch.  She asked me hot or cold but I refused to drink anything.  But she forcefully brought me coffee.  She was talking to me in a warm voice like a bitch.  Which is making her voice very sexy.  After talking to her for 30 minutes, she started to attracting me towards her and to be honest I was also fascinated towards her.

But looking at the clock, I asked about the laptop.  She was a little disappointed and stood in front of me and try to finding laptop under the TV desk right in front of me.  She leaned down and started pulling her night dress upwards.  I was surprised to see that she was not wearing panties.  I can see her pussy clearly.  My fully attention got stuck on her pussy.  She bowed for a long time and  she quickly looked back.  And caught my eyes.  She smiled at me.

She came to me and told me I don't think leptop is here.  Maybe in the bedroom with bitchy smile and tool me to the bedroom with her.  Inside the room she pushed me to bed.  It was a little weird but she was very horny for me.  She climbed on top of me.  I did not dare to touch her but she said forget everything and love me.  She unbuttoned my shirt buttons.  She started kissing me on my neck and lips.  I started getting arousing towards her.  Then she also got herself naked.  She took off my pants and pulled out a 9 inch long penis.  My penis was similar to a hard wood.  She started kissing on tip and at the same time started to lower foreskin.

She opened her mouth and put Dick in her mouth.  I grabbed her hair and started to move her head in and out.  She spread the ass and pushed the dick inside her completely.  I started going inside.  She groaned.  Screamed in pain.  Perhaps it was unbearable for her.  She started moving and screaming.  She was in pain but I kept fucking her.  She Inserted her fingers in her pussy.  Fingering rapidly.

I lay straight and put the penis inside the pussy.  My penis slipped in her pussy.  She was very wet.  And my penis covered to its water.  I started inside out at a speed.  And we both cum together.

I looked at the clock and took the file from the laptop and left for office.

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