Monday, April 13, 2020

Most embarrassing sex story

This was my second travel with my husband after wedding. We went to Indonesia but in this time my husband's younger brother and his younger sister are also with us. my husband booked 2 rooms in the hotel.  They  stayed in the second room.
It was cool weather there. I was really happy because finally I can enjoy 14 days of my life, and mostly I want to enjoy sex.  We all had dinner together and went to their cosy rooms. I was getting desperate to have sex with my husband overnight.  As soon as we came in the room, I started provoking his lust but his answer was clear, I am tired throughout the journey, let's talk tomorrow  and he turned his face to sleep.  I also did not force him and after masturbating I fell asleep too. 
My eyes opened in the morning and saw that my husband was not beside me.  Our room is on the fourth floor. When I looked up from the balcony, my husband along with his siblings were taking sunbaths by the side of the swimming pool. After seeing this, I have gone to the bathroom and started taking shower.  Then I got the idea to surprise my husband. I took my red lipstick and Made a circle around the nipple and wrote on Boobs "fuck me like a bitch"  Meanwhile, I also groomed myself.  And applied red lipstick on lips. I left my hair open like a bitch.   I was fully prepared for my husband's surprise.  I was wearing only red colour panties. Because it looked very attractive and inflammatory on me.  I looked at the balcony and my husband could not see there. I understood that he is coming towards the room.  I quickly sprayed the fragrance purfume in the room and set a romantic songs on TV.  Now I am standing at the door waiting for him.  As soon as I heard the door bell, I quickly opened the door and spoke surpriseeee. 
I was completely shocked myself.  Because my husband's younger brother was standing at the door.  He flew away his senses after seeing me in hot situation, he started to staring at me from top to bottom with big eyes.  It was a very embarrassing moment.  I was feeling very ashamed.  
I quickly wrapped the towel lying on the bed. He enters into room and the door closes on its own.  I started apologizing to him for this behavior and also said that I did not know that you are standing at the door.  He said Relaxed!  There is nothing to provoke it.  We were all waiting you for breakfast, and brother sent me to call you there.  I could not get my eyes on him, my heartbeat was beating in full swing.  So he came to me and said, can I see you again.  I was surprised.  He pulled my towel from my body.  Now my naked boobs were in front of him. He said that you are very beautiful and  hold me from behind.  And started pressing my boobs with both hands. I pushed him away and said, "Your brother can see us, you go now"  He said it would not take long.  Please become my bitch for just 10 minutes and he pushed me to bed.  He grabbed both my hands from above and started sucking my beautiful boobs and biting the nipple.  I was moaning.  
He was very obsessed.  Due to this action, water  dripping from my pussy. He wiped the lipstick on my boobs while sucking.  He inserted right hand into my panty and put three fingers inside my wet pussy.  I was not able to move at all, he was fast fingering my pussy. I started to moan. After fingering for a while, he put all three fingers into my mouth and before I could understand anything, He put his cock into my mouth.  His big and thick cock covered my mouth. Even my breath stopped.  He started jerking the cock  inside of my throat.  I breathed a sigh of relief when he pulled out the cock.  He lay on the bed and laid me on top of him.  my pussy and his cock are absolutely wet.  His penis slipped and entered in  pussy.  I started telling him, at least wear a condom.  But he was not listening to me at all and due to the short time.  He was fucking my pussy with full energy.  I was moaning.  I put my hands on my mouth for trying to stop the screams.  He did not take much time and cum in my pussy. I pushed him away and went to the bathroom.


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