Saturday, April 18, 2020

Caught my lesbian daughter

I am a single mother of 35 years.  My daughter Maggie, she is 18 years old.  She is very shy girl with her calm nature. My daughter is blonde with big curve tits. On Friday I finished all my meetings and headed towards home. It was very tired day.
I'm not going to do much today. I decided to rest my whole day today.  I bought Maggie's favorite pizza for lunch before going home.  Which Maggie loves very much. I reached the threshold of my home. And with key, came inside home. Maggie was listening song on loud volume in her room  I went to the bathroom and got up fresh.  I changed clothes and sat on my couch.  I called Maggie twice to eat pizza, but she did not respond.  Meanwhile my mom called to me on phone.  I was really happy to talk to her. After a long time we were talking. In other words, my mom wishes to talk Maggie. I moved towards Maggie's room while talking to my mom, so I did not think it necessary to knock on the door so I went straight into the room.  Maggie and her best friend were in the room. In front of my eyes both are lying in 69 position on the bed.  Both of them are completely naked. Maggie has inserted 2 fingers by her friend's pussy and licking her pussy juice with tongue. Seeing them in that situation I got shocked and speechless. Maggie's attention was towards the door, so she suddenly saw me as well.  She immediately stood up.  I could not understand anything now what should I say in this situation.  I came out of the door without saying anything.  I told my mom that Maggie is in the bathroom, it will take time. After that I went to the couch. I do not want to interrupt her orgasm so I literally try to react cool.  After 5 minutes later, maggie and her friend came out of the room. Maggie's friend quickly walked out of the main door without eye contact with me.  Maggie was not saying towards me and she started going to her room. I try to forgot that situation and told her to eat pizza. She sat front of couch and we both started eating pizza together.  After finishing the pizza, I made Maggie sit with me.  Because I needed to talk to her.  I can understand this.  She is no longer a child.  She can do everything she wants to do.
But I was surprised to see that my daughter is lesbian.  I started talking about this openly to her.  Although Maggie was ashamed initially, but seeing me talking so openly.  Her hesitation went away a bit.  I gave Maggie a hug and said in her ears, can I join you my sexy doll? I said only cause I wanted a best relationship with my daughter.  Maggie did not answer. But her smile was saying alot to me, slowly I went closer to her. And started kissing my daughter's lips.  She initially pretending a bit, but I know that she is loving it very much. I wanted she feels good with me . I told her I will really happy if you love me like you do. Then our tongue was fighting. "Mom you are great kisser" she said. "It is nothing right now my baby. Lets see what I can do better for my daughter" I said, my daughter's hands came towards my boobs.  I was lying on the couch and she was hovering over me and as she went down she smiled and took off my underwear and bra.  I let myself loose and let her do what she wanted from me.  She started sucking my boobs.  She was licking my nipples.  It felt really good, I felt myself that she is quite experienced. when she finished sucking my boobs she went into my pussy.  And stuck a finger in it and got it in and out really fast.  Then she added another, I was moaning like crazy. She added a third finger and was going really fast.  I came to her fingers and she left me dripping water from my pussy.  She started licking my pussy like wild.  This was probably the happiest of all.  When she was licking me.  I had cum.  She took my juice in her mouth and put it into my mouth. We both playing mouth to mouth. we both are kissing each other like crazy. There was a joy on my daughter's face. Then I said "it's mum's turn to love her daughter" I pushed her on coach Then I started to put my fingers inside her pussy, I was going in and out. "mom if you increase the speed it will so good for me" she said to me. I said yes my daughter and going deeper with fast speed. She was moaning loudly. and when she cum she moand in a warm voice, that's was so good she liked, without a word, she lay down with head on my boobs.  This was our first orgasm.  Which both of us had never even imagined.


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