Sunday, March 29, 2020

My sweet, dirty sister

My sweet, dirty sister - We have finally reached the destination of our weekend trip and stop with our Dodge Ram in front of a small wooden hut in the middle of the forests of Aspen.

My parents, my sister and I get out of the car, tired from the long drive.

With wide eyes we look at the sunset between the proudly towering and snow-covered mountains.

My mom looks happy and I'm really surprised about this beautifully nature too. I'm positive looking forward to this few days holiday. We want only relax and go skiing in this free time.

Only my sister Lizzie seems to be unable to see the magic of nature. She is annoying us that she feels cold and wants fast go inside.

So everyone takes his travel bag and we go together inside.

It's great inside. The wooden house has a homely atmosphere. In the living room are a beautiful fireplace and a seating area with armchairs. Across the sides is a kitchen with a dining table and a small but really clean modern bathroom.

We love to visit our home for the following 4 days. Next we are in the master bedroom, which only consists of a large bed and a wardrobe.

Well, not exactly big, but functional, I think.

And then our mom pulls us into the next room and says to us, that this is the last room and the tour of the house is now finished.

"Please!!!???  "Lizzie screams" You are not serious or are you? I have to sleep in a room with him???"

Then she looks into the room and is really shocked.  "Mom ...., there is only one bed in it!!!"

Mom nods: "Yes sweetie, I know.  For 4 days you both will manage that."

Then she turns away and goes to the kitchen.  She'll probably prepare dinner now.

Lizzie stands next to me with a bright red head and is looking angrily.  She looks like a devil, a sexy devil.

My sister looks really hot. Her long red hair flows in silky lengths over her white tight-fitting wool sweater.  Her long legs are in black leggings and she wears high black riding boots.

If she were not my sister, I would know what I would like to do now as next.

So I just laugh out loud, drag Lizzie into the room, throw her on the bed and tickle her until she finally giggles.

"All right, I surrender to my fate, brother.  But don't bother me, otherwise you can sleep on the floor."

After dinner and a short teeth cleaning we all went to our rooms.  We are completely felt weak from the long journey and on the next day we want to stand up early in the morning.

Lizzie throws herself on the bed and tests the mattress.  She wears a short pajama.

Her big boobs move so that my stand automatically is up.

Little John doesn't care whether sister or not. He only reacts on my sister's sexy curves and Lizzie definitely has sexy curves, much of them.

"Okay, so you take this side of the bed, of course by the window. I knew it sister heart."

"Sure, as an older person I have preferential rights", she laughs.

She is 23 and proud that she is two years older as I.

"As you like princess" Then I lie down next to her and do the blanket over my body.

The bed is extremely small, so it not possible not to touch Lizzie.

"Good night, John.  I am very tired."

"Okay, I still use my mobile a little, bit, sleep well." Lizzie turns to the side.

I read my WhatsApp messages and then I watch a few music videos on YouTube.

Lizzie doesn't move, she fell asleep and so I feel safe to go to a porn site next.

I set the volume to almost completely low, I want to hear a little bit the moan of pleasure.
Without that, porn doesn't turn me fully on.

My choice falls on a lesbian video.  It makes me hot, when two sexy girls plays with each other.

One girl licks the hot pussy of the other girl and at the same time she does a small vibrator in her ass.

It's so horny. My penis is now stone hard and has the wish to fuck a girl.

My hand goes to my stand and I start masturbating next to my sister.  Her presence, the knowing she could catch me, because I do it next to her, makes me hotter.

Lizzie's blanket has slipped slightly.  Her ass in the sleeping shorts are free and shows  in my direction. It looks so hot and sexy.

Bad thoughts were coming in my mind.

How would it be to fuck my own sister?

Will she like and do with me?

Lizzie is not a child of sadness.  She often changes sex partners to have fun in bed.

Fuck it, now I'm so much in mood, I will try it. I carefully move behind her and position my penis exactly behind her ass.

Then I start rubbing my stand slowly on her panties with my right hand I slip into her panties and search her clit, her clit feels soft and silky.

My index finger rubs against her clitoris.  Under my touch and although she is still asleep, her clit becomes stiff.

My finger continues to rub against her clit and I go my way to her pussy hole.

Oh my god, she's so wet.

A soft moan comes from her mouth, but she is not awake. Her sleeping body alone is currently responding to sexual stimulation.

My finger is moving into her hole and I start fingering my sister.

Her ass presses against me and she begins to react on me.

Lizzie is waked up.  But she doesn't stop me, she now participates herself.

"Ahhhh ... John, I didn't know, that u are so s talented lover.
Go on, that's really damn hot.

Can you feel, how wet I am for you?"

I murmur a, yes’ to her. My finger is now fucking and fucking her, hard and fast.

Her moans are getting louder.  Too loud, I stop this, I cover her mouth with my hand.

"Pssst ..., not so loud, Mom and Dad are next door."

It's time to do my dick into her. I only pull her sleepers down, so far, that I can enter her hole.

With a hard push I penetrate her pussy from her backside and then there is no stopping more for us both.

I fuck my sister like an animal.

My cock is in my sister hole that makes me so wild for lust.

In and out, in and out ... faster, harder, wilder...

She comes to me with every push, wants me so much.

I have to press my hand again on her lips again, she can't control her lustful moaning more.

She comes, her muscles twitching around my cock.

And I'm ready too.  I quickly pull my penis out of her hole and turn her on the bed around.

I stand over her body, my cock over her mouth.  She opens him wide.  A few, quick movements with my hand on my dick and then I spray my sperm into her mouth. She drinks all from my juice and looks happy.

My sweet, dirty sister!

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