Wednesday, March 11, 2020

First time sex with a Thai Ladyboy

This story begins when I was 27 years old.  I spent a long time in loneliness and even got bored with everyday life.  On Sunday my best friend Mike invited me to his house, we both talked about the same topic.  Mike was in Bangkok 2 weeks ago.  He highly praised Pattaya's nightlife front of me.  He even said there is sex in the air.

He shared all of his travel experiences with me.  Then he told a lot of hot things about how easy it is to have sex.  After listening to this, I decided to travel to Bangkok as well.  And Mike also said that you should go once there.  You will remember me for life time and also will be grateful for my tip.

My decision was made. I got a lot of important information about the trip from mike. My family and friends told me to stay away from Thai girls before leaving.  But that was precisely the main reason of my traveling.  That's the only reason I'm going to fly to Bangkok.  My motive was absolutely clear.  I booked an online hotel in Pattaya at home.

My flight was in the morning.  Unfortunately there wasn't as much going on in Pattaya as I had imagined when I got there.  It wasn't as much movement on the streets as I thought.  I also imagined day life same like night life there.  But the scene was different.  There are more foreigners than locals on the way.  Apparently a lot of people come to Pattaya this season.  Many foreigners can be seen in the hotel lobby, and foreigners with women come in and out every two to three minutes.  Almost all of the people I have talked to are polite and Gentle.

Until some time ago, I never thought about having sex with Thai ladyboy and I did not search after this kind of sex  contact. So I've always tried to find ways to notice the difference between a Thai girl and a thai ladyboy.  My friends at home also tried to inform me about how I can see the typical sign of a ladyboy.

My first night in the city, I took a walk out of the hotel around 8:00 pm. At this time there were really a lot of people on the street and in beer bars.  The only annoying thing was that the locals always offered me something for sale.

But I came out looking for a beautiful angel.  So I started walking around to find it.  There were many girls everywhere.  A few girls standing on the street tried to talk to me.  But I couldn't see anything special in them, so I ignored them and kept walking.

I stopped on a place,  where there was a large crowd and a large number of Thai girls.  I sat on chair in front of a nearby restaurant and ordered a beer.

This place was perfect for keeping an eye on the activities around me.  3 girls came out of the beer bar in front of me and looked in my direction.  All three looked  super hot.  But the girl in the middle is special.  I liked her by my first seen. A pretty slim and tall (about 1.65 m) stunning blonde and busty cheek.

When she saw that I'm constantly looking at her, she immediately waved and invited me to come to her.  I had already paid for my beer and quickly drank half of it.  Then I got up and went to her.  When I approached her, the girl hugged me. "Hey sexy, where we go" she said, One of her hand was on my chest and the other hand was moving between my legs.  I said "wherever you say gorgeous" while patting her ass.

She took my wrist and pulled me to the corner of the street.  She told me her short-term price and the cost of the room too.  I had nothing against her price. But to be honest, she erected my dick in a very short time.

I briefly touched her huge boobs and asked. Where is the room, she took me to a nearby building, then she talked to a man and took the room on third Floor.  After we paying,  we both went straight upstairs.

The room is not big.  But there was a bed and a bathroom with clean and tidy facilities.  The room is not as bad as I expected.  And yet the deal was made at a very low price.  Because of that, I was completely satisfied with the location. Everything is okay for the price.  When I asked her name, she said Boonsri.  Such a strange name for my ears, but she said that her name means beautiful in english

Certainly you are pretty than your name, I flattered her.  A smile appeared on her face.  I stood behind her and started stroking her boobs.  She put her hand on my dick and began to stroke the outside of the jeans.  My dick was erect in a few seconds.  She also started rubbing her ass on my dick.  The fragrance of her perfume was exhilarating.  So far i squeezed her boobs with my hands. Slowly I extended my hands downwards.  Shifting my hand on her belly and put it inside her panty.

That was absolutely beyond my thinking.  I had a small penis in my hand.  At that time it felt like the floor was slipping under my feet.  I pushed her away.  She turned and looked at me.  I asked in a slow voice "Are you a ladyboy?"  She said yes.  I was confused and unsure , what to do now. and that's what I was afraid of, because for a while I was thinking she is a girl and was getting hot for her.

I sat on the bed without saying anything.  Ladyboy said, "What happened?"  I thought that there was no reason to turn back anymore, I had become very horny about her eroticism, whether ladyboy or girl.  I shook my head and said everything is fine.

Boonsri was sitting between my feet.  She unbuttoned my belt and pulled my jeans off.  I lay down on the bed.  Boonsri started giving me a slow hand job by holding my dick by hand.  Then she put my dick in her mouth.  As if she was sucking on the dick.  My body got hotter than before.  She started putting the dick in her mouth without holding it with hand and started kissing the glans with her lips.  She was wearing red lipstick.  It looked very sexy.

I told her I want to fuck you.  She took off all the clothes and took the condom out of her bag and put it onto my dick. Her penis was like a little child penis and also in erection. She put oil on her ass and sat on me.  I put my dick in the hole of her ass and my whole dick entered her ass.

She started to move up and down riding my dick. Everything was great.  Her little penis started hitting my stomach.  I really enjoyed it.  I've never thought of anything like this before.  She rode my dick at normal speed.

After a few minutes, I felt that I would be cumming.  But I didn't want to end this moment so quickly.  So I paused and asked her to change the position.  She took the position in the doggy style.  I fixed my condom properly and put it again in her ass.  Now my cock penetrated deeper than before.

Boonsri moaned.  Maybe she was getting too much pressure.  I accelerated and let out a scream.  I was at my peak without stopping.  I didn't take much time and she got my sperm in her ass.

Boonsri lay on her back.  I started looking at her beautiful body.  We both went to the bathroom and took shower together.  I've never had anal sex like this in my life.  Boonsri asked how long have you been here?  I told her, that for the next 13 days.  I asked her for the mobile number next time.

We both went out of the building, she kissed me on the cheek.  I told her we'll see us soon.  She said with a smile that she will be eagerly waiting for it.

My perception of a ladyboy has changed since then.  The courage to have sex with a ladyboy was rewarded.  It was a great experience and absolutely hot. During my trip I enjoyed anal sex mostly with Boonsri and with other Thai ladyboy too.

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