Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Sex on the beach

I am Liz from Russia, today i am going to tell my Sex Story with a brown boy like chocolate. 

I have been in India for half a year and am doing a one-year internship with other students.  As a student of environmental and agricultural sciences in the 6th semester, this is part of my studies.

India has major problems in dealing with its environmental policy.  On the other hand, it is such a great country with beautiful landscapes, living tradition and, above all, wonderful friendly people. 

That's why I decided to do my internship here.  So far I haven't regretted this decision for a single day. 

I usually work with environmental scientists and the other students in Bangalore. But this week is the festival of holi is in India.  So we spontaneously decided to fly to Goa and enjoy this colorful festival here. 

Our hotel is only a few hundred meters from the sea.  A small hotel complex with individual houses built in the English colonial style.  Between the houses it is green and blooming so wonderfully and in the middle of the area there is a small, clean pool that invites you to swim. 

I love that hotel, it is unique and gives me the feeling of being at home here. 

All my friends are still sleeping peacefully, but I'm not a late riser.  Chill a little bit on the beach and enjoy the morning calm, yes, that's what I feel like now. 

So I slip into my black skimpy bikini, twist my long blonde hair into a knot, put on my beloved denim dress and put a few things in my beach bag.  A bath towel, sunglasses, a book and sun cream and I are done. 

I walk barefoot along the small stone path to the beach.  It is only after two hundred meters, that the stones turn into sand.  It's a nice feeling to feel the cold sand under me. 

On my right side I can already see the small cozy bar, where we drank a delicious Pina colada last night.  So I know I'll be right there.  Apart from me, nobody is on the beach yet, only a few dogs are sleeping in the sand pits, which they use as a night camp. 

I don't spread my towel too far from the bar.  I prefer that a few people are in walking distance to me. India is unfortunately not the safest country in the world.  Fortunately, I haven't had any bad experiences here yet. 

After taking off my dress, I take a seat on the towel and take in my surroundings. 

The sea is right in front of me and the waves rustle.  The sandy beach is long and occasionally lined with palm trees.  Many restaurants and cafes can be seen in the distance. 

Yes Goa is a tourist place and lives mainly from tourism.  It is great here, one of the most beautiful places on earth, which I have ever been to. 

The moment is so peaceful, so comforting for my soul, that I close my eyes and just enjoy the here and now. 

But then my thoughts wander into the past.  It was not easy for me to come here to India.  At 22, you're just not ready to leave your family for so long.  And I love my family and they love me.  At home I am the nestling and I am almost too spoiled. 

But that was not all.  I had a boyfriend for 1.5 years.  Heath was my first big love.  The emphasis is on mine.  It wasn't mutual.  When I told him about my internship abroad, he was really shit. 

He said very loosely, a year is quite long, so it is better that we separate.  A year without sex he cannot exist.  And so it would only be a matter of time, before he cheats on me.  And because he doesn't want to hurt me, let's say goodbye. 

I now regret that the slap I gave him was not stronger.

I've been here for half a year now and don't miss him a bit.  But I miss the physical and emotional closeness to someone you are attracted to. 

And yes, I also miss sex.  I haven't even had real sex since I've been here.  My vibrator is currently my best friend. 

I am not short of offers.  Many men wanted me in this time, showed me their interest. With my fair skin, long blond hair and green-blue eyes, I am a kind of sex symbol for the Indian male world. 

But till now nobody was really my type and chemistry was not the right one. It just didn't make me click erotically. 

Ah, it tickles my nose.  These stupid flies are really annoying.  I scare them away with my hand.  To be tickled again, this time on the forehead. 

There is a warm laugh above me.  I open my still sleepy eyes, because I fell asleep briefly and look into the most amazing brown almond eyes in the world. 

At the head of my head is a young Indian about my age, tickling me with a palm frond. 

"Heh, leave that", I laugh back, it tickles really bad.  "Why are you annoying me young man?"

He comes next to me and sits in the sand.  "You look pretty red, I thought I'd better wake you up, before you mutated into cancer.  You fell asleep and probably did not apply any cream."

I look down at myself.  He's right.  My body is very red.  Not good.  It will be a pretty uncomfortable sunburn.

"Thank you for tickling me awake, that looks bad. I'm Liz, by the way, and you?" He answers "Varun" And then he smiled.  It is the most radiant smile in the universe, as if the sun is rising and the sunrise enchants you. 

And he also looks breathtaking.  height about 1,86 m and of course dark hair.  His hair is short, but at the front he has a casual quiff, that gives him something cheeky.  His skin is covered with chocolate. 

Not like mine.  I am white like milk. 

But now unfortunately red. I certainly look terrible.  But I can't change that anymore. 

It has gotten pretty hot, the sun is burning.  But that's not the only reason why I'm hot. 

I like the guy and I feel a pull between my legs without even touching me.  I urgently need a cool down.

"Would you like to go swimming with me?"

Varun: "Eh, yes, but I can't swim well. 

I: "Okay, it doesn't matter.  We're not going deep and I'm taking care of you.  Come on, it's fun."

Varun: "Okay, but I have to go in with my Bermuda shorts, I don't have swimming gear with me." 

I get up from my bath towel and pull him up with my hand as a sign that it's okay with me.

"Who is in the water first?" And I start right away. 

Of course I have no chance against him.  His legs were very long. 

But like a gentleman he is waiting for me just before crossing into the sea.  When I am with him, he snatches me up and calls: "We both at the same time!"

That is so cute from him.  My heart jumps. 

He carries me on and when the water is deep enough he throws me in.  Did I just think cute?  I take that back immediately. 

I puff out of the water and look at him angrily.  As a punishment, I really spray him full of water. 

And then we both laugh. 

The water is great, pleasantly warm, light waves and a bit salty.  I swim a few lengths and keep stopping to see, what he's doing. 

Varun tries to swim after me, but the whole thing looks a bit awkward. 

Yes, he said, he can't swim so well.  Maybe I can teach him a little bit.  So I swim back to him and show him the movements.  Animate him to imitate them. 

And I am thrilled, he does surprisingly well and learns quickly.  It doesn't take long, before he gets on better in the water. 

He enjoys swimming so much and is beaming at me.  Gratitude speaks from his eyes. 

He swims to me: "Thank you Liz for showing me.  You are a great teacher."

I look at him: "I was happy to do that.  And you're a great student.  It's amazing, how quickly you learned it."

And then something happens, that I didn't expect as a token of gratitude.  He tenderly takes my head in his hands and kisses me. 

I admit it, enjoy the kiss, and want more.  My tongue bans her way, unites with his. Our tongues dance and fight, make sex in the mouth. 

Varun tastes so good, like the salt of the sea and like man.  His kiss is like a drug addictive. 

But then he stops, looks at me apologetically: "I'm sorry, but my feelings have gone with me.  You are so different Liz and so beautiful"

"Go on", I whisper, "I want it too. You are a great kisser.  I am dizzy.  Don't stop, please."

And then there is no stopping.  Our mouths meet again and our bodies press together tightly under water

He is so hot on me, his penis is pressed against my middle excited.  His hands are everywhere on me. Reach under my bikini and play with my nipples.  Then switch to my panties and rub my pussy. His middle finger slides into my panties and presses my clit. 

Oh that's good.  I'm so horny now, that it hurts.  With my tongue I fuck his mouth, show him, what I really want to do. 

But then he stops abruptly and looks around, startled.  "Shit, not good what we're doing in public.  Everyone can see us from the beach Liz.  But I was so caught up in the moment,  that I forgot everything around me.  Do you want the same thing as me, Liz?"

I smile innocently.  "What do you want Varun?"

He quickly reaches with his hand my golden middle under the water.  "I want to reach this here, so quickly as possible, if you say yes."

Of course I want, he is so hot and I am so hot for him, I would love to get started right here in the sea.  But that is impossible. 

So I nod my head.  "I want you too.  Do you know where we can go for that? "

Varun: "I have an idea.  It is not perfect.  But its okay there. There will be nobody to disturb us. Come a little behind me.  OK? "

I: "Roger that."

Hopefully it's close, I can't wait anymore.  So I swim and run after Varun at a proper distance. 

He runs along the beach until the tourist zone ends and heads for a small fishing boat covered with a tarp.  I know when he lifts the tarp, this will be our love nest. 

A few minutes later I slip into the boat and close the open gap with the tarp again well.

I:  "Hi babe."

He: "Lie down in the free space, sweetie."

I follow his instructions.  He lies over me and begins to kiss me passionately.  Rubs his manhood on me.  He is so hard and big. 

Then he shoves his finger under my bikini bottoms and rubs my stiff clit, then drives him into me and begins to push me hard and quickly with his finger. 

It's too much, it has to stop.  My muscles are already cramping, I don't want to come yet.  "Stop", I whisper. 

He stops and leaves my panties, takes it off for me.  He only pushes his Bermuda shorts down so far, that his cock is free. 

I willingly spread my legs, so that he can penetrate me. He penetrates me hard, in one move he is in me, too horny to be soulful. 

The same thing happened to me.  I need it hard and fast.  My pussy welcomes each of its thrusts. 

His cock fills me completely, fucks me better than anyone before. 

Our breath is quick.  My orgasm builds up inside me, I start to tremble. 

Another push from him is enough and I explode, spreading my juice around his shaft. 

He smothers my loud moaning with his hand,  so that nobody hears us.  He drifts further and further into me. 

I notice how his penis is getting thicker, so I know, that he is ready.  "Open your mouth Liz."

He jerkily pulls out of my pussy and pushes towards my mouth.  He takes his cock in his hand and masturbates over me, comes with enormous force and cum in my mouth. 

"Drink everything Liz." And yes, I do.  I swallow every single drop of his pleasure with enjoyment.

When we have calmed down, we linger briefly in the boat.  Kiss us again and again. 

But it is time to go, we were lucky not to be discovered. 

Unfortunately I didn't get much of Holi this weekend. For the rest of my remaining time I was too busy.

Busy to tasting, drinking and enjoying greedy and thirsty brown chocolate called Varun in my hotel room.

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