Thursday, March 12, 2020

Lust of my hot stepmother

When i saw my step mother in inflammatory clothes first time, i lost my consciousness.

I am Anthony, 17 years old and I have Italy roots.  Therefore I have my special Mediterranean look, dark hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin.
But I've always lived in Michigan, USA and I'm going to college there.  My parents came to the USA long time before I was born to work here. 

Unfortunately, they have lived separately in recent years and finally divorced 3 years ago.  Since then I've been living with my mother and only visit my father on vacation. 

Like this summer vacation, I will spend my holidays with him and his new wife. He married Lora last summer.  And I have to say, I can really understand why. 

Lora is only 30 and 10 years younger than my father.  She is a real eye-catcher with her long blonde hair and blue eyes.  She also has a top figure, tall and slim, and monster tits. 

She is exactly my type of woman, but I do not like her character.  She is bitchy and snappy.

So I go to New York, where my dad now lives and works, with mixed feelings. 

My father was very spendable and bought me a flight to New York.  After only two hours of flight I land and greet my father with a big hug. 

The trip to his apartment flies by, after all we have a lot to tell each other.  We keep up to date with everything, how things are going at school, about friends, his work and much more. 

He only avoids one topic, because he knows, that I hate it.  As always, he does not ask me after the issue of girlfriend.  I am thankfully to him for that. 

After 30 minutes we arrive at home.  They live very centrally, because my dad made a career here and can afford it financially. 

My father works for a beauty doc and makes a lot of money. I honestly believe that he met Lora during a cosmetic operation.  Her tits are too big and tight to be real. 

When he unlocks the apartment door, Lora is already waiting for us. 

And what is happening to me now, is really crazy. She looks so hot in her tight red mini dress, which all of her sexy curves shows that my cock is started to stir.

To make matters worse, she is now holding me tightly in her arms and I think she noticed my hard dick.

"Hello Anthony, you are finally here.  You look so handsome, you have become a real man. We are going to dinner in a sushi restaurant to celebrate the day.  That's why I made myself so chic for my two men."

I am not in mood for that after the trip.  To be honest, I'm pretty tired and just want to shower and sleep. 

I also tell both of them that I am not in mood to go outside. To my surprise, they are very understanding and will go alone in a half hour.

My father shows me the small cozy guest room that will be my kingdom in the next few weeks. Dad, I'm calling mom, okay?  And then I shower.  Then you can go with Lora, I can manage my things alone here.

My father nods and wishes me a good night.  I quickly pull fresh clothes out of my travel bag and go to the bathroom.  I really have to go to the toilet and a refreshing shower is good for me too. 

The both are still in the flat. I can hear their voices from the bedroom, they are arguing about something. The young happiness is probably not as perfect as it looks from the outside.

15 min later I took a fresh shower and stand now in front of the wash basin to masturbate. 

I've been horny since I arrived here, because I have to think about the hot sight of Lora all the time. 

They are gone, as I was in the shower. I heard the door slam. 

Wow, why is my stepmother so hot, it's like torture?  I know it's not right, that her figure turns me on, but my body only reacts to it. 

I cannot change it.  My dick demands after sucking.

So I stand here now, naked and thinking of her juicy boobs, imagine me how I rub my cock between her boobs and masturbate faster and faster. 

Moaning, I spray my sperm into the wash basin.

But what a shit is that, at the moment of my orgasm, someone moans too.

My eyes go to the door in alarm. My stepmother stands there with wide eyes and looks at me. 

But not annoyed or angry by what she just saw. 
No!  She took off her panty, it lies on the room floor. Her hand is between her legs and her middle finger rubs her clit violently. 

She watches my naked body all the time.  She turns herself on by watching on my now half stuff dick and explodes with a scream shortly after my own orgasm.

Then she lasciviously puts on her black slip, comes into the bathroom, and takes her perfume and leaves, as nothing happened before.

Oh pity, I'm shocked.  I can't believe it really happened. 

And I'm not only shocked, it has also turned me on to see Lora doing fingering.

That's wrong, damn, she's my step mom.  I react sure only so extremely on her, because I'm still a virgin with my 17 years.

It's really time for my first time. 

After getting dressed, I go back to my room, lie down on the bed and think back to this bizarre situation between Lora and me. 

And damn my cock is that's why stiff again! 

But I'm too tired to lend a hand again, so I close my eyes and dream of having sex with her.

Woah, the dream feels great, like when Lora really gives me a blowjob. 

To real, my penis is so erect, that I wake up from it. 

I instantly notice why, because Lora is kneeling next to my bed. 

She puts her hand under my blanket and doing handjob. 

"Lora, are you crazy, what are you doing?  Stop doing that!!!”

She looks at me with indignation: "But why. Don't you like it?  Your dick like it, I can see that, it is so huge, darling."

I would be lying, if I say i don't like it.  So I say the real reason:

"That’s not the reason. All man like that and I too. But you're my step mom, so we can't do that.  Aren't you scared of Dad at all? "

Lora don’t stop to shake my foreskin during I talk to her, continues massaging me:
"No sweetheart, your dad has a night shift in the clinic and this remains our sweet secret.  Come on, you want it too.  You've been horny for me since you arrived here. Right?"

Unfortunately, she is right and what could be better than having my first time with an older, experienced woman. 

So I push my thoughts away from me and swear to myself, that this will be the only time with her. 

"Okay Lora, yes I find you hot and I want to fuck you.  Satisfied?  But only once and you won't talk it out!  Understand!!!???"

She spreads my drops of pleasure on my penis with her index finger, runs through the notch in my glance.

"Understand. Let's start honey, I'm so wet, that my juice drops on the carpet."

She comes to me on the bed, her body is already naked.  Then she throws the blanket off the bed, so that we both lie naked together. 

My stand rises up proudly.  I am well equipped. 

"Since today in the bathroom, I can only think, that your big cock is in me."

I grab her tits, knead and squeeze them so well, that she moans with pleasure. 

My tongue plays with her stiff nipples and then I gently bite it. 

After exploring her breast, I let my head wander down and do my magic with my tongue, let her circle around her clit.

It pays for me in this moment to watch porn movies.  That's why I know exactly, what I have to do, even when I lick a pussy for the first time. 

She opens her legs invitingly, wants more from me.  I push two fingers in her wetness.

"Fuck me Anthony, I want you in me.  Fill me up, I can't wait anymore."

I also can't wait anymore, the wish to be finally in her is too powerful. 

I push my body up, so that I am perfectly positioned to robbery her hole.

And then I do it, my first time doing my dick in a pussy.

With a hard push I'm in her and start to move. Feel her warm, damp cave around me. 

It's better than I ever dreamed of.  So extremely horny, that I forget everything around me. 

Fast and hard I push in and out, press my lips to her mouth and open him with my tongue. 

Fuck her pussy and mouth at the same time in a steady rhythm. 

She screams under me with ecstasy, reacts wildly. And then her pussy muscles press around my dick so strong, that I cannot longer hold back my juice. 

I explode into her, give her all of my cum and twitches in her. 

Oh my god, that was fucking great.

My body sinks exhausted and sweats on her. She touches my back tenderly and whispers caressing words in my ear. 

Then she gets up and leaves me alone, alone with my feelings about my first time and my guilty conscience towards Dad. 

And friends, what can I say, of course it wasn't the only time. 

Lora and I spent every opportunity during this summer vacation, when we were alone, to fuck our soul out. 

On the bed, in the shower, on the chair and on the floor just wherever she could spread her legs wide enough for me to fuck her.   

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