Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Teacher Sex Story

Teacher sex story is true incident of my life. My name is Sunny.  I am student of 10th class.  My math teacher name is Pooja.  I had a great friendship with Pooja madam.  Even I was her favorite student.  She was really good to me, and the special thing is that I can talk frankly to her on any topic.

Pooja madam is very beautiful and sexy in appearance.  I was crazy about her from day one. The day when Pooja madam comes wearing Jeans and T-shirt, on that day, I do not lose sight of their milk factory. 

She is 26 year old year and her tight figure always makes me cum. In short she was my dream girl, with whom I wanted to spend a moment of my life.

I did not go to school for 15 days after my grandfather died, because of which the school's syllabus was completed, and the final exam was close too, and especially, I could not understand anything in mathematics. 

One day I spoke to Pooja Madam on this matter.  She happily invited me to an extra class at their home.

From the very next day i started going to her house for an extra class, after visiting her house a few days, I got a full idea of ​​her situation. Pooja madam's husband does not work.  Due to which there was a lot of fighting between them. 

He was also rude to pooja madam, and when I see both talking to each other. I think there was never any love between them, They live together due to some helplessness.

There was a day when I was going to Pooja Madam's house to study.  As soon as I reached near the door of their house.  I heard some voice.  There was a fight between Madam and her husband. 

Madam's husband was screaming loudly on her, and meanwhile he slaps Pooja Madam.  There was also a sound of some breakdown inside.  I was listening to all there standing at the door.

After a while, her husband walked out of the house through the door, i immediately went inside the house and Pooja Madam was sitting on the bed and crying. Household items and Madame's mobile were lying broken inside the room.

I went to Madam and started asking what happened.  But Madam was crying.  After a long time, Madam kept quiet and started telling the whole thing.  Actually, her husband has an affair with another girl. 

She knew this thing a long time ago.  But she kept quiet just for save the relationship, and then she started saying that enough is enough and then she started crying in my arms, i also took her in my arms, i began to sympathize and expressed that I am always with her.

I do not know, what happened to me and I suddenly kissed on her lips and hugged her again, and I started caressing her waist from behind.  Maybe she was feeling good too, but she did not respond.  

Then I caught her cheeks with both my hands.  Madame's eyes had turned red due to crying.  I stared into her eyes for 5 seconds and slowly kissed her.

Madam closed her eyes.  The taste of her lips was excellent.  It was fun to kiss.  I started touching my tongue with her tongue, and with my right hand i started touching her boobs, madam was not responding.

It seemed, she feeling good with me, but she did not want to interrupt by talking. My cock was fully erotic, and I was completely in the mood. I laid her on the bed and took off her t-shirt and pants and opened her black bra hook.  Her body smelled from her bra. 

It was making me horny. Madam looked very happy, and was looking at me with loving eyes. I was thinking inside that what she must have been thinking about me, but regardless of this I went ahead and started sucking her nipple.  

I was having lots of fun sucking, after touching each part of her body with my lips. Madam looked very aroused.

While I was sucking her nipple, Madam rammed her hand into my pants and grabbed my erotic 7 inch cock, and started rubbing top with thumb.  The ghost of seeing her pussy was riding on my head.  

I immediately took off my jeans, and went towards her pussy. Her panties were showing the bulging pussy, i removed the panty.

Madam looked at me and smiled.  Perhaps that smile was a gesture of putting cock in the pussy without wasting time.  But I was also not going to stop.  

I grabbed cock with my right hand and started caressing her pussy from outside. Pooja Madam was very impatient. That she held the bed sheet tightly with both hands.

I put the whole cock in her pussy in one stroke.  Madam moaned.  Her pussy was very tight.  Her husband may not have fuck her in a long time.  I slowly started going in and out.  

When I looked at her face, it was as Madam had no place of happiness.  I speed up and started jerking fast.  Madam's scream was echoing in the room.

After some time I changed the position and lay down on the bed and made Madam lie on me.  Now I started fucking Madam with my all energy.  

Pooja Madam yearned and her screams began to echo throughout the room. 2 minute later, i was cum in her pussy.  Pooja Madam laid her head on my chest and hugged me.

When I woke up in the morning, I realized that it was a dream, and instead of Pooja Madam's hot pussy, I cum in my own pants.......!!!!

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