Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Sex with Mr Cole | Student Teacher Sex Story

Keira: i look absolutely hot in this black sexy lingerie with lace.  My own sight in the mirror turns me on.  And I can't help it, as if my hand goes under my panty and my middle finger delicately circles my pearl.  Hmmmmm, that's so good.  Unfortunately, I cannot finger right now.  I only have 10 minutes until Lena rings and we go to college together.  I desperately rummage for a sexy outfit in my closet and when I finally find something suitable, I quickly put it on, comb my long hair and lightly emphasize my eyes with mascara.

"Doorbell rings"

Here we go! Thursday is absolute my favorite day, because we will have math class with Mr. Cole in the last two hours.     

"Hello" I greet Lena as I step onto the street.  Lena looks at me with wide eyes and smiles. 

"Hello, whoever you are. In any case, you don't look like my best friend today. Oh, today is the day of the day, Thursday." 

I press shortly afterwards and answer.  "Here we go.  Mission impossible starts." As my best friend, of course, she knows very well about my love for Mr. Cole.                                   

After a few hours at school, I'm slowly regretting that I've dressed so. I'm really annoyed at how the boys stare and pull out me with their eyes. And the only man I want do that with me, I didn't meet yet today. Really funny, we usually see each other briefly in the hallways during breaks.                                                                 

Mr. Cole:  The little beast. So far I've managed to avoid her today. Since I saw Keira in the morning from the window of the teacher's room, I know that this day will push me to the limit. She looks so sexy today, so ready for it. I have noticed for a long time that she likes me. How she adores me, tries to do everything right for me and how she dresses on Thursday doesn't make me doubt for a second. But damn, I am her teacher but the desire to get me in losing her is too big now.  And I know that Keira wants that as much as I do. 15 minutes until the two longest math lessons of my life will probably begin.  It's best to go to the classroom.  Nobody is there at the moment and I can prepare the lessons. 

I enter the room and unlock the small preparation room so that the table with the formulas works.   That's where the idea comes to me.  We are guaranteed to be undisturbed here if we do.   

Keira is running late, most of the students in grade 12 are already sitting and trying to complete their math homework quickly. 

It doesn't bother me, at 18 ages I was the same.  At last!  Keira enters, looks at me briefly and gives me a small smile before going to her seat in the back right row. 

She no longer wears her hair open, but twirled to a loose knot.  Loose strands of hair fall into her beautiful face.  She is only lightly made up.  Nature meant well with her.  Her denim skirt shows a lot of her long slim legs.  But the best thing today is this Carmen neckline blouse that reveals the base of her breast.                             

Keira: Mr. Cole gave us a spontaneous math job.  I am quite good at this subject, so I can easily solve the tasks.  But I would much rather have adored him during class. Listened to his erotic, warm voice and watched him.  At only 30, he is really young for a teacher.  And there is something about him that reminds me of my cheeky little brother.  He is an adult boy.  I smile briefly to myself before turning back to my tasks.  Okay, that was easier than I thought.  I'm done with everything much faster than necessary.  So I get up and go to the desk. 

Mr. Cole doesn't look at me in surprise, because I'm one of his model students. “Super Keira” Ready so quickly.  So that you don't get bored, you can still solve the problem here on this sheet. “I already have the sheet in hand and go to my place.  I take my pen and look at the task. Uppppps!  There is none at all.  But the following: Wait until everyone is out.  I want to train you today. In Mr. Cole’s handwriting.  My cheeks flushed instantly.  Sure, what special training he means, I look up, look for his look and breathe okay without a word.

At last!  Everyone now passes their test and says goodbye to Mr. Cole. Lena stands at the door and waits for me since we have the same way home.  So I quickly come up with an excuse. 

"Lena, I'll help Mr. Cole clean up the books and I'll be with my aunt this afternoon. See you tomorrow morning. Will you pick me up again?" 

Lena nods, blows a kiss to me and disappears into the corridor.I am infinitely grateful to her for not continuing to ask.                                   

Mr. Cole: Incredible, I'm alone with Keira and we both want it. In short I make sure one last time that nobody is in the aisle anymore. Everything great, I quietly close the door and slowly turn to Keira, walking towards her.  She leaned lasciviously against the teacher's desk and beamed at me. 

"Keira, are you sure that you really want this? Now you can still go. But if I haven't touched you anymore, then I won't be able to stop. I have been longing for you, to feel you, to taste you, to mark you with my juice." 

Keira said nothing, but her answer is clear.  With her hands she pushes her Carmen blouse down, giving me a view of her large breasts, which are covered with a hint of black lace. My penis reacts promptly, pressing dangerously against my tight jeans. 

"Not here, Keira. Come on" I shake hands with her and lead her into the small preparation room.  Lock the room.  With a quick wave of my hand I push all the rubbish off the table.  "Here we will be undisturbed, sweetie. Sit on the table and spread your legs. Touch yourself. Turn me on."

Oh yes and how well she does it.  She pushes her lace panties aside so that I can see her clit.  Her middle finger circles in gentle movements, she moans, then fingers herself with two fingers.

"Stop honey, that’s enough. Now it's my turn." 

My fingers open the gap in my jeans and I free my hard stand.  My hand encloses him, moves.  I masturbate in front of Keira's eyes.  It makes her hot.  She starts to play with her nipples, licks her lips with her tongue. “Now you Keira, touch him." Madness absolute madness.  Her middle finger touches my tip, the moisture of my lust spreads.  Now she takes my shaft, moves it up and down. "Hmmmh Keira, fast babe, do that faster." 

She does it well, So so good. My sperm will come soon, but I don't want it that way.  I want to explode in her. I stop her hand with mine."Let me see if you're wet enough for me."  My middle finger dips into her pussy. 

Oh yes and how wet it is.  Her pussy literally drips with desire, longs to be filled out.  I now briefly fuck her with two fingers. She moans, pushes her pelvis forward. Ready to be fucked by me.  "Are you taking the pill? And don't lie to me!"  She nods.  "Yes. Mr. Cole. Now finally fuck me." 

I take my fingers out of her and put my cock on her pussy.  Rub my tip against her.  And then I penetrate her with a hard push.  Keira screams with lust.  She is so tight.  It won't take me long, I'm already too horny. As I bump into her like a beast, without a trace, I twist her stiff nipples.  Drive them on.  She returns each of my bumps with her pelvis, demands more.  Her breath is heavy and mine is too. 

My penis rams into her faster and faster, she trembles, she moans so loudly. We are ready.  With my finger I also stimulate her clit, wants her to come with me. 

"Now Keira. Come for me."  She shrugs, her pussy cramps around me, squeezes my juice out of me.  I come!!! Pull my cock out of her and spray a last rest of my sperm on her pussy.  Oh man, that was a great fuck. Keira looks as satisfied as I do.  Her hair is scrubbed, her cheeks red with exertion.  She straightens up and goes to the door.  I step behind her, pressing my still naked penis against her ass."Next Thursday you wear red lipstick sweetie, then I fuck your mouth!" Keira opens the door, smiles at me. and said "See you next Thursday, Mr. Cole."

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  1. Keira and Mr. Cole, what for a hot couple! Waiting on next part!


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