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Sex with Mr Cole Part-3 | Student Teacher Sex Story

Hello reader, this is the third part of a trilogy. If you did not read our First and second part yet, first go and check out them

Three months later...

Mr. Cole: "Aahhh, ohhh yeahhh babyyy, what a horny sex."  She kneels in front of me and I poke her pussy in dogystyle: "I am cumming Keira!"  And I'm already spraying my sperm into the condom. 

She turns around and immediately I realize my mistake.  She screams at me.  "Bastard, my name is Olivia not Keira! Go to hell."  I shrug my shoulders and look at her bored: "Who cares. Take your clothes and left my flat. We are done here."  Gossip, I already have her hand on my face.  One positive thing I can say now about her, she has definitely fast reflexes. 

Thank goodness she doesn't make another scene for me, grabs her clothes lying next to the bed and leaves my bedroom.  Three minutes later, she seems to have finished dressing, because I hear the door rattle. 

Yes, she is right, I am a bastard.  That I doing shit with a woman is not my nature.  My life is actually a disaster.  Since I lied to Keira so hard in the face three months ago, I've felt empty and drained.  She has been avoiding me for three months and rightly hates me. 

But I just told her, that I have no feelings for her, to protect her, because I love her.  Yes, I fell in love with Keira.  But as I realized on that day in the forest, that she felt that way about me, I thought it would be better to hurt her.  So that she hates me and her feelings for me disappear. 

We two as a couple is only a dream, it’s not possible! 
She is my student - I am her teacher!  !  ! 

To forget her, I'm going to fuck any woman.  But then I push her pussy, I imagine always it is Keira, as I am doing hot sex with her. But after the orgasm the reality hits me like a blow every time.  It is not Keira, but a woman I tore opens in a bar or club. 

This cannot go on like this.  What happened to me!  I pour myself a glass of whiskey and think. 

There is only one option - I want Keira back.  I want nothing more as she. I miss her so much.  At the moment I don't know how, because she's pissed off at me.  But now I am unstoppable.  My decision is made and I call a good friend from my student days to discuss something important with him. 

The next day I go to school very early and step into the principal's room.  He looks up from his desk: "Good morning Mr. Cole. What can I do for you?" 

I straight my shoulder. It is not easy for me to do that now.  This school is my second home.  But I have no choice:"Sorry Mr. Bales, I am sorry to inform you , that I am quit my job here. I am aware that I have to comply with my notice period. But maybe you will agree with my suggestion.
My college friend is looking for a job. He just moved into our city and is also a math teacher. He could start right now. His testimonials and recommendations are excellent."

Mr. Bales is visibly shocked at my resignation.  But he behaves professionally: "Are you really sure Cole? We are very happy with your work." 

I nodded: "Yes, I'm absolutely sure. My friend is waiting outside, if you want to meet him." 

Bales laughs: "This I thought me. You are really good preparing. Well, get him in. Please stay during the conversation. Then we can clarify everything under us three directly."

30 minutes later I step out of the hall jobless.  But I have no regrets.  My friend stays right here and takes over my lessons. 
I slowly walk towards the exit and say goodbye to this part of my life. 

When I step out of the main door, I see a small group of students.  Keira is among them.  She looks extremely thin and her face is pale. It hurts to see her like this, she looks sick.  She looks briefly in my direction, but as always in the past 3 months she immediately turns away and ignores me.  I can't blame her. 

Two weeks later:

I am drunk and lie on my bed. Today I really overdid it with drinking whiskey.  But I'm feeling shit. 

I found a new job, but I'm not a step ahead in my wish to get my Keira back.  It has been swallowed up by the earth for two weeks.  She was neither at school nor left her parents' home.  I have waited in my car every day for her. I wanted to apologize me and to win her back.  But she didn't come. 

I called my friend and successor in frustration today.  He said Keira has been on sick leave for two weeks.  I don't know that from her.  Usually she doesn't like to miss so much school material, because she is ambitious.  I am worried about her and at the same time need a valve to react. 

And this valve is sex for me.  But I won't sleep with someone other than Keira.  So I pull my birthday present from my buddies. It is under the bed and I throw it now on it.  And then I start fucking the mouth of this ugly rubber doll. She is motionless, I have no reason to be softly. Hard and fast I bump into the rubber doll mouth. It doesn't have much to do with real sex, after a few minutes, I cum in the doll.  Now she is lying next to me and my juice flows from her onto my sheet.  Drunk and exhausted as I am, it only takes a moment for me to fall asleep. 

The next morning I wake up with a hangover.  It is uncomfortable, but it is even more unpleasant that I look into the eyes of a rubber doll that has a red hole in its mouth. 

I urgently need a shower and a headache pill and strong coffee.  I feel better a few hours later.  A little walk and a little fresh air will still do me good.  Today is Friday, so I'm free.  So I put on my jacket and decide to go to the park. 

It is a cold February day.  But couples in love stroll everywhere on the streets.  The cafes are crowded with them and I often see roses on the tables.  Oh yes, now I remember. 

Today is February 14th - Valentine's Day! 
How I would like to sit in one of these cafes with Keira, hold hands with her and eat a delicious ice cream.  But no, I stroll through the park alone and freeze. 

Really a great day for me

After half an hour I'm fed up and decide to go home.  But before that I will go to my favorite café to have a hot tea.  It is not far.  Five minutes later I am already warm and have already ordered the tea from the waiter.  The 'Dollies' is full of guests.  The only free space I'm sitting on was in the far corner, next to the toilet door, not exactly great.  But something is better than nothing. 

As I drink my tea, I leaf through the brochure on the table.  In the corner of my eye I see someone opening the door to the washroom.  I look up briefly from reflex.  And I can't believe my luck.  There are coincidences in life!  It is Keira.  There is nothing to suggest that she saw me, probably because my face was half covered in the brochure. 

This is my chance.  I will wait until she comes out and stop her and ask for a clarifying conversation.  It's worth a try and here in the café she is guaranteed not to make a scene.  I know that. 

Crazy, now she's probably been in there for 15 minutes.  There is something wrong.  Five minutes later, she's still not back. 

I restlessly tip over with my chair.  My imagination goes through with me.  Maybe Keira climbed through the window and ran away because she saw me after all. However, Keira's girlfriend Lena is still sitting in the cafe.  After Keira passed me, I looked for her.  The two are only available in a double pack, like Siamese twins. 

Many guests have left the café now and the noise level has dropped significantly.  Do I imagine that?  Or is someone vomit loudly in the toilet?  No matter, I'm not sure.  But if that's Keira, I want to be there for her.  So I enter the woman washroom.

She is it! 

My heart is bleeding when I see her.  "Keira, my angel, what's going on here? Everything will be fine." 

Keira sits on the floor and cries.  I immediately sit down with her and take her in my arms.  She is probably too weak, because she does not resist my touch.  The room smells strongly of vomit. 

"Come on, I'll drive you home or to the doctor. Please tell me how I can help you dear."  She answers, but so quietly, that I can hardly understand her.  Her sobs almost drowned her voice: "To the hospital. Please drive me to the hospital, I think I have a miscarriage." 

Did she really say that?  "Keira please, can you speak a little louder?" 

With her last energy reserves she shouts at me: "Damn I'm pregnant from you!!! The prevention pill was not working. I've been vomiting my soul for 2 months. Now got it??"

I stay calm.  It doesn't help if I react panicked too, "Got it, darling. But tell me, why do you think you miscarried?"  She lifts her skirt so that I can see her panties. 

Shit, cursed shit.  The panties are bloody and I know that this is not a good sign in pregnancy. 

Immediately I lift her up, carry her through the cafe in my arms, tell Lena as I walk by, and carefully put her in my car less than two minutes later. 

During the trip to the hospital I keep calming Keira, always reassuring her that everything will be fine.  That she is not alone, that I am with her no matter what happens.  Her sobs have subsided, but I can hear her cry softly. 

The hospital is just a few blocks away.  I carefully lift Keira from the passenger seat and carry her to the emergency room.  She clings to me.  As sad as the occasion is, I enjoy her hug. 

It takes a long time until we are finally called.  Injuries from car accidents take precedence.  After an eternity we feel called. 

When we want to enter the doctor's room, the doctor holds me back: "Wait a minute, first I need your daughter's approval that she wants your presence during the examination. Miss, is that okayyyy for you?" 

Asshole, how old does he think I am, I'm just 12 years older than Keira.  He probably needs new glasses. 

But it's a good thing, my sweetie is smiling for the first time today. 

"Yes Doctor, I wish, that he accompany me. He is not my father, but father of my future child." 

The doctor reacts really cool: "Well then, come on into my realm."  We all take a seat and Keira begins to tell that, according to the pregnancy test, she is in the 3rd month, that she had been vomiting for weeks and she had one two hours ago Bleeding and is now afraid of losing the baby. 

Doctor Mile listens carefully and seems concerned.  "I will now examine you thoroughly. We will do an ultrasound. Sometimes there is harmless bleeding in the first few months. Maybe that is the case with you Misses."

Keira lies down on a couch when instructed to do so.  Doctor Mile smears a slippery substance on Keira's stomach and then moves the ultrasonic sensor over her tummy. He is very thorough. 

I'm slightly annoyed, because everything takes so long.  I wait impatiently for the result. 

Finally he starts to talk: "Well, that's what I call a successful Valentine's gift. Both babies are fine, the heartbeats can be heard clearly.
Congratulations, you are getting twins." 

A storm of feelings burns in me like pride, shock, fear, surprise, happiness, but above all love.  Love for the mother of my expectant children. 

A look at Keira tells me that not only a storm is raging in her, but a tornado. An encouragement is needed. "That's great darling, so everyone has one to cuddle in the arms." Keira nods, distraught.

We both get now a few instructions on what to look out for during pregnancy: nutrition, special vitamins, sports and activities, alcohol and smoking and much more. 

But the blast concluded: "Lovely expectant parents, unfortunately, I have to point out, that I currently advise you not to do sex , because of the bleeding problem."

Hmmh... understand, I growl. 

We say goodbye and go back to the parking lot, get in the car. 

And then i do that, what I've wanted to do since I saw Keira the first time!!!! 

I kiss her!!!

My lips play violin on hers.  Her lips are sweeter than wine.  She returns my kiss, but hesitantly. 

So I stop with a heavy heart, because I feel that she feels uncomfortable.  "Don't you want me to kiss you???" 

She looks at me mischievously: "Yes, Cole, but I didn't imagine our first kiss so disgusting. Cole man, I vomited earlier and haven't been able to brush my teeth so far. It's really disgusting." 

Women, I think.  Sometimes they are weird.  We have just learned that we will have twins, but she is worried about such bullshit.

So I laugh and say: "I thought it was beautiful, but I understand you." 

Small white lies are sometimes allowed.  Of course I don't understand.  "Then I'll drive you home now, it was really a hard day for you." 

But Keira has other plans.  "No, just don't go home. Look how I look. My parents will immediately see that something is wrong.

I stay with you tonight and tell my parents that I sleep with Lena. Tomorrow morning she will get me fresh clothes drop off."

Great, my Keira with me tonight, my anticipation is huge.  Nothing like home.  "Agree. To me!" 

I live in a penthouse.  The apartment is extremely small, but in a very good location and really modern.  Keira is amazed when she realizes this. 

With big eyes she enters my hall and looks at the many pictures of modern artists, which I have hung there. 

And I thought she would ask me about the toilet first.  But no, she's only doing it now.  "In the far left, darling, you will find a fresh toothbrush in the mirror cabinet. Next to it is the bedroom, lies down a bit and relaxes. I'll make you a tea and a sandwich and then come to you straight away." She throws a kiss at me and disappears. 

But as soon as I have the tea water hot, my babe stands in the kitchen instead of lying in bed and looks at me grimly. 

Oh shit, what have I done now?!?!  "Are you feeling bad again darling?" 

Keira say yes.  "Extremely bad after what I saw in the bedroom. There's a raped naked woman's body in your bed." 

Fuck, fuck, the rubber doll.  The damn rubber doll is still in my bed.  I'm literally running.  But she is no longer in bed. 

Keira's laugh sounds behind me: "Well, you are a sexoholic, I pushed your girlfriend under the bed." 

Wow, I have the coolest woman in the world.  "Babe, that's really uncomfortable for me, but thanks for taking it with humor." 

She hugs me and then she slaps my butt: "Off to the kitchen, I'm thirsty and starving.  In the meantime, I'm calling my parents and Lena." 

When I'm done with everything in the kitchen, I return to her.  In the meantime she is lying on the bed, she has put on one of my T-shirts.  It looks damn hot on her.  My penis is already at half-mast.  But that has to wait. 

First of all, she has to strengthen herself. Keira literally devours the sandwich and sips her hot tea slowly. When she is done, she disappears into the bathroom again. 

A few minutes later I hear the water rushing.  She takes a shower. 

My head is buzzing, I lie down on the bed and close my eyes. 
What a day! 

Why is it raining?  My face is soaking wet when I wake up. Oops, I fell asleep for a moment. Keira holds her dripping wet hair over me, so that was the rain. 

"We don't sleep now. We have more important things to do!" 

Yes that's true.  "You are right, my heart, we have to talk about so many things." 

But she amazes me: "Tomorrow we can talk Cole."  She leans over me, licks my lips, nibbles on them, begins to kiss me with such passion that I almost get dizzy.  When she dips her tongue into me and fucks my mouth, I can no longer control myself. 

My heart and my penis are in a state of emergency.  My hands wander down her back, knead her hot butt, then I reach forward into her golden center and start fucking her ass with my finger. 

She moans, demands more: "oh yes, yeah honey, fuck my ass, ahhhhhh ..., faster, do it faster, harder."  My penis hurts, it's so stiff.  I pump two fingers in her butt, widen it, and get it ready for my fuck. 

She moans so loud now that I know she is short for coming.  I quickly turn her on her stomach, penetrate her at the back. 

It is difficult because it is very narrow there.  But I slowly penetrate her, stretch her hole.  When I'm in her to the point of kicking, I start fucking her ass. 

It's so horny.

My left hand works on Keira's clit, my right hand pinches her boobs nipple.  "Hmmmh ..., Ahhh. ,, .., so good honey, ahhh, speed up, I am coming." 

I am also ready.  At the same time we cry out, come together. 

My orgasm is incredible, I spray and spray so much juice into her ass, it doesn't want to stop. 

It was pretty darn good.  We are both sexually satisfied in our arms.  "Honey, the doctor had hidden us sex."  Keira now looks a bit guilty.

"All well darling. The doctor whispered an insider tip in my ear. He said that I can use your mouth and ass without hesitation." 

Keira snorts: "This doctor messes up a lot. Can you learn that during your studies?" 

I laugh again: "Certainly not darling. I think he spoke more from his own experiences"

And then I kiss her, tell her how much I love her and that nothing and nobody will stop us. 

I will fight like a lion, Move Mountains for our love, our small growing family...

Thanks for reading! 
I hope you liked and enjoyed my story.

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