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Sex with Mr Cole Part-2 | Student Teacher Sex Story

Sex with Mr Cole Part-1

A week later...

Keira: The past week was not an easy one for me.  The experience with Mr. Cole echoed in me and crept into my memory every free minute.  Like right now. It is early in the morning and I am in the shower.  The lukewarm water runs down my face and finally wakes me up.  I've slept badly since that day last week, the day I had sex with my teacher.  Large dark shadows are under my eyes.

It was wrong that we had sex with each other.  We both can get most of the problems when that comes to light especially he.

But it was so damn good, so hot.  Definitely the best sex of my life.  I haven't been a virgin for two years and definitely not a sad child.  But so far nobody has fucked me as well like him.  They were all little inexperienced boys compared to him.  It was like In-Out and done in less sec that was my first sex experience before, but Mr. Cole is a man with great experience.

What should I do?  Finish it???  No!  Definitely no, I’m too excited to see him seduce me today.

I take the shower gel and soap my slim body with it, Play a little with my nipples and my clit.  I'm in the mood again.  I've had to finger myself constantly since last week, because I'm always hot.  I rub myself dry quickly, put the towel back in its place.

Then I lean over the washbasin, behind which I can see myself in the mirror.  My pink nipples are erect, my skin flushed from the warm water.  My pussy freshly shaved.  Only a narrow strip in the middle adorns it.  The left middle finger dips into my moisture and I start fingering myself.  One finger is not enough, does not fill me, I will take two now.

''Aaahhhhh'' it is starting to get really good, I keep pushing myself in until I feel like, my muscles are tightening. Then this little moment of silence arises in me not to feel.  It's always happening before I explode. Now I have to accelerate. If  I don't do fast now, I don't come.

So I compulsively rub my clit. I moan and rush to my orgasm.  I go to my room with fresh energy and dress me. Skinny jeans and a tight-fitting black t-shirt are my choice.  I also wear black sneakers.  My hair is still a little wet. So I'm wearing it open, and with a smile I put on my lips red lipstick.  I remember Mr. Cole's words all too well. "Next time wear red lipstick. Then I'll fuck your mouth." and I'm sure he'll do that today.

Time to go to school, Lena is already waiting for me when I step out the front door.  After the obligatory hug, she stands in front of me and frowns.  "Why do you make such a face, do I look like shit? Then I have to go up again, Lena. You know that today is my date with Mr. Cole!"  Lena shakes her head and blows with laughter.  I just wanted to annoy you.  I knew if I look at you so critically you will get the crisis.  All right, you look great! "But I don't laugh at all, because I'm excited enough. "You stupid nut! You can be glad that I love you so much. Otherwise I would be caught now."  I take her arm and we run.

At school, our paths separate.

We are taking a different course in the first lesson.  The college is calm today.  No tests. That is a good thing, I absolutely unable to concentrate me. I keep thinking about later.

Finally a break, I go into the school floor and head for the girls washroom. That too!  Mr. Cole comes straight up to me. Funny, he's been ignoring me since last week.  Maybe he wants to tell me that he doesn't want a date anymore.

I feel disappointment.  But he quickly hands me a book and says "Prepare that for the math lesson afterwards, Keira Page 100 in the book."  I nod and go to the toilet.  Quickly I go to one of the free cabins, sit on the closed toilet lid and open page 100 with trembling hands. As I already thought, a handwritten note awaits me there from him.  'Hi honey, can't wait to be with you again today.  Meet us at 3pm at the cafe around the corner and drive a bit out of the city.  Cole '.

Okayyyy, why not, we both will make a little trip together.  When the last two hours finally come, I am nervously at the end.  There he stands before me, the man of my dreams, bewitches me with his erotic voice.  Attractive as always, fashionably casually dressed with jeans and a dark blue jacket.  The dark hair gelled slightly backwards.  His hair is already shiny silver on the temples, but that suits him perfectly.  His brown eyes keep grazing me, hypnotize me, and give me a sexy promise for more.  Time flies very quickly and the doorbell rings at the end of the hour.  I pack my schoolbag.

Then I freshen up me on the toilet, do some deodorant, brush my teeth, wear my favorite perfume ‘Alien’ and of course I refresh the red lipstick on my lips again.  One last look in the mirror and I am ready to go.

On time I stand at cafe and look out for Mr. Cole's black Audi A6.  10 minutes later he is still not there.  I feel disappointment.  But decide to wait another 10 minutes.  If he isn't there by then, he can lick my ass!!! Then I'll go home.  I don't like being alone here, so I have to much time for overthinking all. And besides, it's pretty hot outside today.  The ten minutes are over and I'm meanwhile furious.  That bastard!  Tears spell their way, run down my face.  I will definitely not wait any longer!  So I start to walk.

When I have already walked home some 100 m, it honks and with a screeching tire a car stops next to me on the roadside. An Audi A6.  Mr. Cole holds the car door open and apologizes. "I'm so sorry Keira. I was stopped at school today, of all times. Don't be mad at me. Come in, baby."

Okay, then he was not guilty for being to late, so there is nothing for being still angry. I forgive him. So I sit on the comfortably cool leather seat next to him. The car's air conditioning is running at full speed. We are silent for a few minutes, don't really know what to say. Cole breaks the silence. "Still pissed off, sweetie? You must have thought I will not come to pick u up. But I wouldn't, never!"

He looks at me briefly and I reply: "No, not anymore. But believe me, a few minutes ago I had the wish to kill. "Then I laugh out loud and liberating and he agrees with my laugh. "Where are we going to Cole? Where are you kidnapping me?"  He shakes his head.  "No, no baby. This will be a surprise. After all, nobody will tell his kidnapping victim where he is taking her. She could tell the police later."  First I am perplexed and then I blow out.

The journey doesn't take long, after about 15 minutes we turn into a small side path of a forest.  I've never been here before.  Cole parks and we get out.  Cole takes a backpack from the car back seat and comes to me.

Presses me abruptly against the car, begins to tighten in my ear, whispers in my ear: "Finally Keira, for a week I can only think of being in you again.  Let's go. I know where we are undisturbed." He takes my hand and pulls me behind him and stops at a small clearing surrounded by trees. Then he takes out his backpack a picnic blanket and spreads it out.  Amazing at what he thought of.  "Wow.  You planned well this afternoon, are you always like that?"  Cole nods: "Yes.  I am a perfectionist in everything, take a seat next to me."

I do what he wants and take a seat very close to him. He now looks into my eyes for a long time, and then brushes them over my body, soaks up my sight, the mood changing. I can now clearly feel the erotic attraction between us. Cole pulls me very close to him, strokes my hair, my neck, slides on to my breasts. My nipples are stiff. Cole takes the left one between his middle finger and thumb and twirls him, the right one he licks with his tongue through my T-shirt, but I want to feel him on my nudity. "Pull me out Cole."

He raises my arms and carefully pulls the black tight shirt over my head, and then he takes off my bra and slings him in the grass. I sit in front of him, bared. I enclose my boobs with my hands, press them that they looking bigger. He doesn't wait for a second, pinches, licks, bites my nipples. A pull spreads in them, and my pussy also reacts promptly.  I can feel how wet I am.  My panty is very slippery.

He is no different, a clear bump is pushing through his jeans.  His dick craves to get started.

My fingers go to his pants and I unbutton them.  He kneels in front of me, so I can easily pull his jeans together with the underwear.  His stiff penis jumps towards me, looms powerfully in front of me.  He is very horny for me. The tip shines pink and I can clearly see his drip loss. Finally I have to taste it.  My tongue gently caresses its tip, moves through the gap in the middle.  Then I lick the full length of his dick. Again and again until I put his cock in my mouth and suck it like a lollipop.  Cole groans, pushing him further into me, challenge me, and push me to speed up.

But then he stops me: "Sweetie, that's damn good. But we had a plan. Kneel down in front of me, put your hands behind your back. Then open your mouth. My cock will fuck it now!"  I take my position and then he moves his tip to my lips, smearing it with his lust.  Then push him into my mouth with all his strength, I have to gag slightly.  His cock reaches up to my neck.  He pushes and pushes, in - out, again and again.  His tail is getting thicker.  He rams into me like an animal.  He groans with ecstasy.  Then he pauses, jerks and spray up in my mouth.  His orgasm not ends. His juice tastes salty, neither good nor bad.  I drink all, happy how much pleasure I gave him.

But I am still horny and have not come.  Cole has now relaxed on the blanket: "Come down to me Keira, lie down on the back.  Good girl, drunk all off my sperm. Now I give you enjoyment."

When I lie with him, he starts taking off my jeans. Then my panties, finally he starts to give me pleasure.  He gently circles my clit with his tongue, licks me, fingers me, fuck me with his tongue.  Wow that's so fucking good.  His tongue takes me faster and faster and suddenly he puts the middle finger of his other hand in my ass. "Ahhhhh ... Hmmmh .... deeper Cole"

That came unexpectedly, but it turns me on.  My pussy muscles cramp and finally the orgasm flows through me.

I close my eyes and enjoy the moment, but Cole isn't finished with me yet.  He starts fucking my ass with his finger again.  Widen me, get me ready.  Then he turns me on my tummy, robbery the virgin of my ass, penetrates me in the back.  It's strange at first, but after a few bumps, I get used to his penis in my ass.  Start enjoying it. Cole moans louder and louder: "You are so tight.  This is so hot babe.  I won't take long."

He increases his pace and pours into me after a few pushes.  Exhausted, he collapses on me, his penis is still in my ass.  I can feel how is juice on the sides of my hole flowing out of me.

I'm so happy, two times I brought him to the limits of his lust.  We are both so exhausted that we fall asleep together.

After that, Cole drives me close to my house.  Not directly in front of the door, that would attract too much attention.  Someone could see us.

Shortly before I get out, I ask him the question that has been on my mind since the past week:

"Why don't you kiss me on the lips, Cole????!!!!

Cole looks at me and replies seriously: "Sorry Keira, I only make kissing with feelings, we both only have sex."

Autsch..... that's shit, angry I get out, slam the car door, without looking back, disappointed and with tears in my eyes I go.....

Sex with Mr Cole Part-3

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