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One night stand in the dance club | Sex Story

Hi, lovers of erotic stories. My name is Tristan and I am living in Chicago. I am just 25 years old and single. Me and my friends Steph and Luke like to make party and always looking for one night stand. One evening we enter a new opening club, and  something incredible happened there.

"Heh Tristan, go, we're far too late. Luke is already at the club and waiting for us in front of it. He has just called me where we are staying so long,"

Echoes in my bathroom.

My buddy Steph waits in my living room until I have showered and finished.  A shower was urgently needed, I was totally sweaty from work.

And now we don't just want to drink, we also want to turn on girls.

"Don't be so stressful, dude. I'll be right there."

I quickly rub my dark hair dry with the towel.  My hair is knee-length and wavy, but it's warm outside.  Knead a little hair gel with my fingers and my look is perfect.

So I casually go to Steph, who belongs to the manual skills:

"Hi man, why are you angry?  Should I smell like a pig in the club and get all women to dodge us? "

Steph laughs:" Maybe for you, but they also love me when I smell bad.  Fly around me like flies and lick me."

The bad thing is, he's right. Steph looks dazzling with his blonde hair, he's tanned and not exactly poor. He comes from a rich family here in Chicago. The best combination for success with women.

My apartment is very centrally located  and there are clubs here like sand at the sea. So we walk now, but on the way back we will rent a taxi.

Less than ten minutes later we greet Luke with a man hug and go inside 'Mia's dance club'.

We are here for the first time, a work colleague recommended the location. Good music, moderate prices, modern facilities and lots of girls, he said.

And I have to say, he didn't promise too much. It is only ten, but the atmosphere is already bombastic. The club is full to the brim.  O extra boxes dancing hot clothed girls and the mail goes off.

I already firmly believe that this evening will end my single life at least for a quickie. Steph and I are singles and always looking for a quick sex number.

Actually I am not interested in anything solid.  At 25 you don't have to commit yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

Many despise me for this attitude, but I don't care about that.  My life -  my rules.

Luke is already engaged and absolutely loyal.  He always takes care of Steph and me a little,  so that we don't let it crack too much.  But he never judges us and is one of my most loyal buddies.

We first get an overview of the shop and then head for the bar.  "Two Jack Daniels and a beer please," I say to the waitress.  I am happy that we have space to sit at the counter.  No matter of course as full as it is here.

The sweet Blondie brings us our drinks and the three of us toast to our friendship.  First of all, we have a lot to tell each other, because we haven't done anything together for a few weeks.

I'm laughing at Steph's joke , when a pretty black-haired girl sits next to me in a hint of nothing.  Absolutely not my type, I don't like it when a woman is overloaded with makeup as she is.

I like natural beauties with a hot figure.  But unfortunately the black-haired girl seems to find me attractive and shamelessly drags me on.

Well, well, I can buy her a drink and getting to know new people is not wrong either.  She wants a Bloody Mary and I order another beer.

Our conversation is all about triviality and I quickly feel bored with her. So I take the chance , when she goes to the toilet, to leave the bar with my boys.  She will understand the removal.

Steph, Luke and I enter the dance floor.  We are all three good dancers and we show that. It doesn't take long and a small group of girls join us and dance with us.  They wiggle their asses, swing their long hair and their boobs bounce in the music.

But there is no one , who turns on my little Tristan in jeans.  Steph is not that picky.  He is already dancing closely with a small Japanese girl.  He always likes it a little exotic.  My guess is , that he will disappear with her in the toilet in twenty minutes at the latest and she will give him a blowjob in the cabin.

Suddenly an ass clings to mine while dancing, certainly because it is so tight here.  But my cock reacts promptly to this touch.

I am horny.  I turn around and look at the hottest ass in the world.

The girl is tall and has long brown hair.  Her buttocks are in jeans.  She is wearing a red shirt.  Only her look behind is enough to turn me extremely on.

This is she, my sex partner for tonight.  When I make an effort, I get every woman around.  So I dance on her from behind, press my body against her, want her to feel my hardness on her butt.

And it works, she interacts with me, rubs against me as well while dancing.  My hands push her long hair aside and my lips gently caress her neck.  She likes it.

The headlights are bright enough to see that she has goose bumps on her neck and arms.  I carefully turn her over to me and wow, wow, wow ...

She is so hot and beautiful.  All on her is perfect.  Her eyes are blue like the ocean.  Incredibly intense, she fixes me with them.  I like her, she literally takes me off on the dance floor.  Now she dances at me, moves her hips, touches my body again as if by accident, brushes her arms along my sides.

Finally she hugs me and presses her lips to mine, we kiss like wild teenagers, lick, bite, fuck our mouths.

If she doesn't stop right away, I'll snack on her on the dance floor.  It's time to change the location, I'm so horny that it hurts.

Hopefully she wants it too.  But I don't have time to think about it, because she take the initiative: "Come on my king for this night, we're going to the private rooms of the club. My pussi is already soaking wet."

Private rooms wow, I didn't know there was anything like that here.  "Nothing better than the babe, I just tell my friends briefly."

She points to Steph and Luke: "They are, right? I watched you dance. Just bring them with you. They are hot. Maybe they want to have some fun too."

Well, I think a man is not enough for her in bed.  Why not.  I am very keen to experiment sexually.

Steph is definitely there.  The little Japanese girl is no longer to be seen.  He probably didn't finish with her.

"Wait a minute, I ask them."

So I go to my buddies and stop them dancing: "Eh, you won't believe it, my flame wants to fuck all three of us. Luke, you're out of it anyway because you're loyal to Lilly. But Steph say something : We fuck her together?"

They both look at me in shock, they probably think I'm kidding them.  "No kidding, I swear. Steph, tell me!"

Steph nods: "Okay, I'm with u. The doll looks extremely hot."

We say goodbye to Luke, he is already taking a taxi and driving to his fiance.

Together with Steph I return to her. She greets him with a short hug and then she takes us both and pulls us through the crowd. She makes her way so easily through the dance floor, always greets a few people here and there. It seems to me that she is very well known here, probably she is partying here often.

She purposefully takes us to an lift on the end of a long hallway, she looks us up and down in the lift and licks her full lips as if we were sweets that she wants to eat.

The atmosphere is now clearly erotic , because we are so dense  stand together in a small space. Small electrical erotic sparks spray between us.

She has never told me her name, so I start trying to find out.

"I'm Tristan and my friend's name is Steph.  What's your name, sweetie? "

"Mia. I am Mia and I am very happy to meet Steph and Tristan really closed to my body in some minutes. "

I support: "Mia?  like the owner of the store? "

She laughs: "Young man, good watched. Yes, the club is named after me.  My mom is the owner.
I live here in the penthouse and like to mingle with people down in the club.  There always to find nice boys like you guys today. "

Okay, I think she's often dragging men away.  But I have no problem with that, I'm not an innocent angel either.

The lift stops on the 12th floor. Finally, I'm so sexually charged,  that I don't want to waste any more time.

And we don't.  As soon as Mia pulls the door behind me, I press her against the door.  Without a word I turn to her, kiss her sweet mouth and dip my tongue into it.

It tastes of whiskey.  Earthy and delicious.  Her breath goes in tiny jolts.  I want more.  So much more.

I carry her in my arms to the bed that is waiting for us in the middle of the loft.  Steph follows us and throws his clothes off.

I put her right in front of the bed and Steph and I make her naked together.  Admire her flawless body.

Our stands are ready for her.  They rise up hard and stiff, ready to finally take action.

Me: "Lie down and spread your legs for me."

Mia's gaze is veiled and she follows my instructions. I cover her neck and breast with sucking kisses. Then I make my way, my way to the soft curls between her thighs and inhale deeply the musky scent of her excitement.

Mia is already damp and shiny on her clit. I gently blow on her clit and he cheekily stands up.  Then I stroke my bud with a flat tongue.

Mia shrugs uncontrollably and rears up at me.  She wants more of my mouth.

I look up briefly to see what part of her perfect body Steph is devoting herself to.  He has just positioned himself on her full breasts.

Now I'm going back to her column.  Let my tongue slip into it and get it with quick, short thrusts.  I feel it is racing towards the climax.  Her body is taut and she breathes quickly.

I look up again.  Steph's mouth closes around one of her erect nipples.  I don't like it, but the sight of him sucking on her nipples is hellishly erotic.

Me: "Do our mouths feel good to you, baby?"

Mia: "Y-yes ..." she moans.  "It feels so good, nothing has ever felt better."

My thumb rubs against her clitoris, then I press my mouth on her column and roughly penetrate her with my tongue.

Time to change positions.  I lie on my bed with my back.  Mia, kneel down and put your head between my legs and blow me.

Me: "Put your butt up in the air for Steph. "

She takes her position between my thighs and I look down at her dark crotch that hovers just above my erection.

It will take me every ounce of self-control to hold myself back until I am in her.

Steph stands behind here and positions himself. He spits on her ass that he can penetrate better.

Mia grips my penis, which immediately straightens up under her fingers and gets even harder.

"Suck on it." I command.  "Slow and deep."

She closes her lips around my glans and licks her tongue over the soft velvet on my underside.

I look up and see that Steph's cock is between her buttocks.

Mia continues to lick my shaft, takes it  deeper and caresses him generously to my testicles. She has a sinfully talented mouth. Suddenly she gasps. She lifts her head and opens her eyes in ecstasy.

A look at Steph reveals that he is in her.

Me: "Just let it go and imagine how good it will be , if we are both in you."

A veil covers her eyes and she takes a deep breath.  She closes her eyes and sighs.  Steph threw his head back and arched his hands around her buttocks as he climbed the last few centimeters.

Mia: "Goddess," she gasps.  "You are both so well built!"

Steph laughs.  "Nice that you like us, honey." Steph takes it slowly and gently from behind.  He curbs himself.  He usually likes it rough and rough.

Me: "How do you feel?  "I ask her.  "Are you ready to take him and me into you at the same time?"

Mia opens her eyes and swallows around my stand, which drives me half crazy.
"Baby, if you continue to milk my cock like this, I won't hold out long enough to get back into you."

Smiling, she continues to suck on my member, then she almost lets it slide out of her mouth, circling it with her tongue  and licks it teasingly at the top.

Mia: "I am ready," she announces in a hoarse, excited voice.  I want both of you. ”

With an impatient flickering in his eyes, Steph immediately withdrew.  He wanted to get back into her as badly as I wanted to finally penetrate her.

Me: "Come here," I say, reaching for her, she climbs on my body until she sits astride me. I close my fist around the root of my member and Mia lifts her pelvis so I can position myself, she puts her hands on my stomach and scorched my skin with her heat.

Then she cautiously sinks down on me and hugs me with her silky heat.  She closes her eyelids halfway, and a smoky gray sheen covers the black of her pupils as she absorbs it deeper.

I grasp her hips, dig my fingers into her soft back.  Let my hands slide to her breasts and play with her nipples until they protrude fully erect.

My eyes wander to Steph.  This kneels behind her with a tense face.  His eyes burn with lust.

Steph: "Relax sweetie.  Since Tristan is already in you, you will be considerably closer.  You won't want to let me in."

I pull Mia further down to ensure a better angle for Steph's penetration.  Steph spreads lubricant on the condom that he has put on.  Then he spreads more of the gel in and around Mia's anus, stretching her with his fingers.

Steph: "Okay honey, I'm entering now.  Push me if you can, don't fight it.  Once I'm inside, it'll feel good. ”

Her eyes widen and a soft whimper escapes as Steph begins to penetrate her.  I groan as her lap narrows and contracts around my penis.  I feel the back of her body as she opens Steph's invasion.  The pressure is incredible when her pussy suddenly closes around me like a fist.

Steph: "God she is so tight. "He groans.  "I knew her bottom would be heavenly, but this is incredible."

He remains deep in her body, caresses her neck with his lips.  It gives her time to get used to the feeling of double penetration.

Mia: "It feels like I'm going to be shattered if I just move.  What should I do? "

Me: "You don't have to do anything baby.  Let us do the work and enjoy. ”

Steph pulls back and Mia's vaginal muscles massage my erection.  I tense my jaw muscles and breathe through my nose to keep my orgasm at bay.

Steph slowly and carefully enters her again.  Mia leans closer to me, groaning, until her breasts almost touch my upper body.  I lift her pelvis slightly.

I and Steph find a smooth rhythm, alternating between pushing in and withdrawing.

Mia: "This is incredible.  It has never been so good for me. "

I lift my head and kiss her on the mouth, imitating the movements of my member in her vagina with my tongue.  Her mouth slides on mine as Steph puts more strength into his thrusts.  Every time he pulls back, a gasp escapes, which I catch with my mouth, my testicles tingle, my swollen, stiff penis is just waiting to dig deep into her and explode.

But I still control myself.  I pinch her nipples and kiss her passionately.

Mia shrugs.  She is about to peak, she is incredibly wet, which makes it easier for me to slide into her.

Mia: "It hurts, but it feels so good too."

I push into her as far as it will go.  I'm going to explode.

I announce.  "Come with me, baby.  Let go now. ”

She claws her hands into my hair and wraps strands around her fists.  With comparable savagery she returns my kiss and devours my mouth.

Our tongues fight and wrestle under breathless gasps.  Mia screams.  Her head flies backwards and at the same time she stretches her breasts.

Then she closes her eyes with another cry of pleasure and when the hot lava liquefies around me, I find my salvation.

I come with her, our cries of pleasure mix.

I hear Steph growling as if from far away.  Then the whole bed starts to shake as my friend rams into her from behind with all his strength.  He continues to bump into her anus.

Then Steph becomes silent, his face contorted with ecstasy.

We still remain in our position after the aftershocks of our explosive orgasms.  I came as violently as if I ejaculated every millimeter of fluid in my body into this condom.

Steph gets dressed and says goodbye to us.  He had a long day and wanted to go home.

But I remain in Mia, despite my overwhelming climax, I am still tough.

It's time to get rid of the condom before it bursts.  Reluctantly, I withdraw from her and dispose of it.

Then I go back to her and lie down with her, take her in my arms.  We are both exhausted, but deeply satisfied.  Sleep catches us.

But not for long and then our bodies reunite, merge and steer together towards the peak of pleasure...

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