Saturday, February 8, 2020

Crazy Sex Story

Crazy sex story - Today was a very tired day.  My body became energy less after working all day.  But I was very happy inside, because tomorrow is Saturday and I usually get 2 days to live my boring life.  Before starting the story I would like to tell about myself.  My name is Lucy and I live in Berlin, I am 28 years old and I work in the bank.

I got divorced from my husband 9 months ago.  My life was going very well in the initial days after divorce, but after spending a few months alone, I slowly started to realize how life is incomplete without love and sex.  There is no one in my life who cares about me, nor is there anyone to fulfill my physical needs, I come to the point. Sometimes I recall the moments of sex I spent with my husband.

Today is the same day as every day, but this is the only moment I eagerly await since morning.  I had dinner and stood in front of the mirror and started admiring myself.  I don't know why but today love is coming on itself.  Slowly I started removing all my clothes and staring in front of the mirror, looking at my naked boobs.

I pressing my creamy boobs in front of the mirror and stroking pussy with middle finger as well. My body is getting hot and my lust is at its peak, I went to bed and lay down.

My wet pussy gives me pleasure; my fingers are soaked with pussy juice.  I close my eyes and started putting fingers in depths of pussy

Suddenly someone rang the doorbell; I wondered a bit who would have come at this time.  I quickly put on my t-shirt and sleeping shorts and went in front of the mirror to fix the hair.

 "I opened the door"

Unbelievable, I couldn't believe on my eyes.  A boy stood at my threshold.  He will be aged between 24 and 26, 1.80 cm tall and was a handsome man with a muscular body.  At the first sight, my heart started beating for him.

"Hello my name is Luca, your new neighbor; I needed a little help from you."

Me - Say, how can I help you?

Luca- Actually today I have shifted all my stuff to the flat next to you.  The entire item is spread inside home.  May I have a bottle of water?

He was staring towards my t-shirt while talking. Later i realized that I wearing my t-shirt upside down in a hurry, I was not even wearing a bra.  Because of this my nipples were appearing embossed in the t-shirt.  He was getting happy to see that inside.  I would like to appreciate his way of seeing because his eyes arousing my lust, anyways my pussy was already on fire.

 Lucca - I'm sorry, maybe I disturbed you.

 Me- Its okay, come in, I bring a bottle of water for you.

He came inside and stood in the living room and was waiting for me there, I went to the kitchen, I put one finger in my pussy, OMG, my pussy was too wet than before. I don't know why but there was some magic in his eyes.

I filled the bottle and started moving towards it.  I held the bottle in the middle and as I extended my hand towards him.  He deliberately started to hold the bottle in the middle so that my hand could touch it, I was being fascinated by him.

Luca - Thank you very much.

Me- I am glad to help you.

Laca- Do you live alone in flat?

Me - Yes I live alone (gave him a slight smile)

To provoke him, I turned my hands on boobs and looked at his paint.  I invite him to fall over me.  He understood my intention.  Slowly came very close to me.

He grabbed my waist with both hands and started kissing my lips.  I left the whole body loose and started tasting his lips.  His hand is on my boobs, was able to feel his touch.  He grabbed me from behind and pressed the breast with hands, he turns  tongue under my ear with light kisses.  I started to like his style, I turned to him and "You look very experienced" and started shooting arrows with eyes.

We went to the bedroom, he removed all my clothes quickly,  he made me sit on the edge of the bed. He started licking my wet pussy.  His tongue started going deep and it was very pleasant, he left no stone unturned to lick my full wet pussy.

I pulled his forehead towards my boobs, my boobs surrounded his face.  I expressed my desire to play with his cocks.  And he immediately lay on the bed, I sat next to him and started to unbutton the pants.  I took off his pants.

His long and thick 7 inch cock impressed me a lot.  I began to turn tongue around his cock.  I could not control myself anymore. I took his full cock in my mouth.  I was enjoying sucking his cock very much.

After a while, i lay down on him. "Punish me tonight baby" said in his ear, he suddenly overtook me on the bed.  Luca came over me.  I got his cock close to my pussy and he pushed hard.  His whole cock got covered in my pussy.

I could not express my happiness.  I gripped it with the back of his waist with both my hands, now he started inside.

In the same way, he started banging in my pussy, I was enjoying it very much.  I was scratching his back with my nails.  After 10 minutes he got tired and switched positions, laying me over himself.  I slowly started riding the cock.

Suddenly he grabbed my back and started fucking me at full speed.  My scream was echoing throughout the room.  I would like to praise his stamina.  My feet were shivering.  After a while I said "I gonna cum baby".

His speed was at a peak.  A few moments later, he sprayed all the cum on my boobs.

I licked his cum.  I had a good orgasm after several days.  It was all like a dream for me.  I urged Luca to sleep over there.  Luca willingly agreed to spend the night with me.  We did not sleep the whole night, had sex in quite different positions.

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