Thursday, January 30, 2020

Sex with my hot Girlfriend

This is about the time when I had completed my graduation, and was looking for a job at that time.  One day my Bangalore uncle called my dad after a long time, both of them were talking to each other,  meanwhile my uncle asked my dad, what is Rahul doing these days, dad said that he had completed his graduation, and looking for a job, on hearing this, my uncle told my dad why don't you send him to me, anyway, I don't even get time because of the shop, and if he will be in my shop, I will not worry about the shop, and by staying here, he will get also knowledge about jeweler shop, My father asked me and I agreed to go. 4 days later, moved to Bangalore and reached Uncle's house. I met my uncle and he said that you must be tired, go and rest now.

The very next day, I went to the shop, where my uncle explained the whole work to me. There was another boy besides me, named Shiv, who used to handle the customer at our shop, my work was sitting on the counter and maintain the entire shop.

My uncle was busy most of the time.  So I and shiv used to handle the entire shop.  While living there, I also got 15 days and the atmosphere was mingled well.  And meanwhile, I was getting a lot of response from the girls of South. Cause i was a North Indian, and I was very attractive to the boys of South as well.

One day the owner of our neighborhood shop had a birthday, so he held a party on the birthday celebration, in which he also invited us, the party was kept at 7:00 pm, but we were late due to shop work, after closing shop. I entered in the party hall; however, there were not many people there, because most of people had gone home.

Then I suddenly caught sight of a girl (Anaya), who was standing with her mother, she was wearing skinny jeans with white t-shirt, figure 30-34-38, she was no less than a model in appearance. I was surprised to see that she was looking at me, then what, I looked her twice and walked towards the food counter, while I was taking sweets, so suddenly Anaya also took a plate and stood on my right side, being very close, I looked at her and she was also looking at me with oblique eyes, once or twice she looked at me and later she left after a while, I finished the meal with my uncle and departed from there.

The very next day, when it was time for lunch, my uncle went home to eat food, although, me and my shop worker were sitting at the shop.  At that time there was no customer in the shop, so both of us were sitting empty.  I was also talking worker while using mobile.

Suddenly I saw Anaya came straight into my shop, as soon as she saw me sitting at the counter, she got a little bit nervous, and started asking where uncle is. I said that he has gone to eat lunch, so on hearing this, she went out of the shop without saying anything.  I did not understand anything, when I asked shiv, he told that she is the daughter of your uncle's friend, whose shop is about 50 meters away from our shop, and he said that there would probably be a customer at her shop, so she must have come to get something to our shop, to show her shop customer, about 5 minutes later she came back to the shop and started asking "When will Uncle come? Can you call him?"

I called uncle and handed my mobile, so she started going to the corner to talk, later gave me my mobile and said, he is coming in 10 minutes, and sat on the chair in front of me.

Me: "Excuse me" You came first and suddenly went like this?"

She: "Actually, I have some work with Uncle, when I did not see uncle in shop, I got confused"

I smiled in front of her "i see"

She: "Well I've never seen you before"

Me: "Owner of shop is my uncle; I came here few days ago"

Me: "You wanted something"

She: "I wanted 15 to 20 grams of necklace"

Then I gave her 3 different design necklaces of 15 grams each from the shop, she left shop with thanks

After that day, she and I started visiting each other's shop for some work, and in front of my shop there is a book and medical store.  She used to come there every day to buy something (especially to see me) this went on for about 5-6 days, where I came to know very well that she likes me. And she also knew very well that I like her too, but neither did she want to say me first nor i.

One day my friend told me her Instagram username, I followed her and we started talking daily from morning to night as a friend.  This went on for about 10 days and we both started getting to know each other better than before.  After so many days have passed, I also decided, whatever happens today, I will tell her about my heart feelings.

Me: "Hey! Anaya, can we meet in the park at 7 pm this evening"?  I messaged her

She: "why"

Me: "I can't tell right now, I'll tell you right there"

She: "Okay, I'll get over there"

On the afternoon of that day, I told my uncle that today I plan to watch a movie with my friends, and the uncle also said yes, then at 6.45, I put the rose flower in the back pocket and reached the park. And I started to wait her, on 6.55 she had also entered the park, I was standing in the center of the park, I shook my hand and pointed towards me, then she just came to me.

She: "Hello, you came too early"

Me: "Yes, because I needed to talk to you very important" (scratching head)

She: "Okay, what's the matter" (smiling at me)

Me: "Actually, Anaya (with confidence) I like a girl for a long time, and I don't know if she likes me or not. Can you help me in this matter?"

She: "being silent" (looked as if she was thinking something)

Me: "excuse me" all right?

She: "What can I help you with, go and tell her how much you love her" (being little rude)

Finally she said goodbye, she turned backwards and started going towards the park gate.  I was excited to hear just that, because that's what I wanted to hear.  At the same time, I took out the rose flower from my pocket and kept the rose branch between my teeth.  Grabbing her left hand from behind, pulled her further me, right in front of her face, I started to see her smiling (she was amazed) and holding rose with my right hand while giving it to her.

Me: "I love you, would you like to be my girlfriend" (being romantic)

Her eyes have grown bigger and started looking downward in blushing.

She: "I think you're saying to the wrong person" (blushing cheeks)

Me: "You're absolutely right; i was just practicing expressing love. (Jokingly)

She: "what" (pale face)

Then I hugged her tightly and said you are the person to whom I am accustomed to day and night dreaming, in whose thoughts I am completely lost. her heart beat was beating very fast, which I was able to feel easily, after a break she separated herself from me (her eyes were down)

She: "Now I have to go" (went from there smiling)

From the very next day, we started talking to each other full of love and coming to the store to see each other without any reason. Anaya was fickle.  We had come to a level of love where it was difficult to live without each other

One day anaya messaged me that tomorrow her parents are going to meet some of their relatives in another city. That day was also the last day of the month, on this day our shop is closed all day, so both of us decided to spend the whole day together. 

The next day, I get a call around 9 am. She said that her parents have gone to meet relatives.  On hearing this, i immediately reached her home.  I rang her house and she burst open the door. As if she was waiting for me at the door, opened the door and stood there.  She was looking very beautiful and sexy that day, she was wearing Crop Hoodie and short jeans.  Her open hair was being plastered on me.

She: "Hiiee sexyyyyyy"(hugged me tightly at the door)

Me: "OMG! Babe, you look fuckin hot"

She: "I was born hottieee,"

Me: "Haha! I believe you babe and started going inside the house but she was standing at the door in such a way that I was not able to go inside."

She: "Oh hello!?!?! where you are going, unknown people aren't allowed in my home"(while kidding)

Me: "Oh babe let me go inside, or else I will do something you would never have imagined"

She: "What will you do" (knowingly, provoking me)

At the same time I lifted her in my arms, went inside the home, lay her on the bed in the room, I was in a perfect naughty mood and was all set to surrender our virginity. To go slow I started up with kisses and then smooches then I naked Anaya from top to bottom and slowly, slowly I started touching her body, she was just enjoying the touch, after exploring each and every inch of her body my hands got stuck on her boobs.

And I started playing with it. I pressed it like anything and bites and licked it for long. Her boobs were very big, so I was having a lot of fun licking, she was getting into me.

I brought her waist near the edge of the bed and started licking her pink pussy; I was pressing her Pussy lips, revolving my tongue and trying to enter it in her hole.

As she was getting aroused I started fingering her pussy, even my two fingers was giving her so much of pleasure and she was moaning. I was just waiting to enter my dick and make that vagina  all mine. I started taking off my pants and took out my fully erect hard dick.

She was surprised because she had never seen a huge cock in her life before. She took my huge cock in her hand and was holding it not knowing how to proceed. She was looking at, was a bit shy and nervous. Me holding her hands and directed her to push the foreskin, then I asked her to take it into her mouth and suck it. She was feeling a bit awkward but took it in her mouth and revolved her tongue all-round the dick.

She wasn't able to keep it long in her mouth. I made her sit on my lap and tried to make her naked body comfortable. And kissed her passionately, and hugged her hard, that was not even an inch gap between our body. I asked her was she ready for it; she was a bit scared but said yes,

It was the first time we making love. Ultimately it was the moment I inserted my hard dick into her delicate vagina and she busted out with a shout of pain and tears rolled out of her eyes. I took her in my arms to calm her down. Slowly and steady she calmed down and started enjoying.

I holding her waist started moving her up and down. She was moaning quietly and softly. We were totally in sweat, and our body steaming hot, she was asking me to stop as she was in pain.

As I was moving her up and down my eyes were stuck on her bouncy boobs which were dancing in front of my eyes and was arousing me every single moment.

It was the moment sperm was to make its way out so I pulled out my dick so as avoid any risk. I again pressed her breast hard. I was sucking it; her gestures proved that she was enjoying being pressed. I took her erect nipples in my mouth and started biting, she tried to move away but I held her tightly, smooched her, bite her lips.

After a little while we realized that my dick was in blood. That was the stains indicating her lost virginity. She was a bit scared but when I explained her, she was quite relaxed. I was very worried that, could she bear the pain. I cuddled her and tried to make her feel better. She was lying on me, at first she started kissing my whole face and playing with my hairs with hand.

She seemed very happy; we were in no mood to move away from each other and were feeling complete and very much loved, after that I was starving, so she made noodles for us, after having lunch, we both had lots of fun. 

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