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Online sex with stranger guy - Sex story

Hello friends, how are you?  Welcome to this colorful world of stories. Today I'm going to tell my sex story ''Online sex with stranger guy'' for the first time here.  Hope you all like my story very much.  So let's go ahead to my story.

My name is Anamika and I'm from Bangalore.  I study in college.  After coming from college, I come straight home and stay free throughout the day. I just like chatting on Facebook, What's App and Instagram and that makes my whole day out.  I am a sexy girl with a beautiful gourd body with brown eyes and silky hair.  I love wearing short and tight clothes which attract people to me.  I don't like to talk to anyone much because I hate love completely.  I only talk to people for sex.  I always wish that the initiative in this subject should be from the front side. I don't like boredom in sex; I have had sex with 2 people so far. 

Once upon a time I came home from school and was running a Facebook.  That's when I received the message "Hello" from a boy named Honey on Facebook. I thought this guy would also be in my love, just came to talk about love things to me. Then the guy messaged that "would you like to have sex chat with me"?  At first, I was surprised to hear her talk, how can any guy dare to ask direct?  But later I messaged him saying "I don't want to have any sex chat with you".  As soon as I said this, I started checking his profile of that guy.  I was surprised to see his profile, that boy was so hot.  The boy had big hair and an attractive beard.  His body was long and hard.  There was also a shirtless photo in his profile; I was constantly looking at his photo.

Only then the message of Honey comes. "You make me look hot.  I don't talk to any girl much; I just want to talk to you. I am ready to give you a mouthful of money to have sex chat with me." He said

After saying this I agreed to chat with him. But I was not doing all this for money; rather I was becoming desperate to fuck with that boy.

Now Honey and I started having sex chats every day. Honey used to talk very well and he had the skill to excite me only by talking.  Both of us used to send nude photos to each other every day.  Honey had told that he lives 15 km from my house in Bangalore. Now, I loved Honey very much.  Seeing his hot photos, it was very common for me to finger my pussy and press the boobs.

We both went a long way while having sex chat. Somewhere both of us were dreaming to have sex with each other. But I wanted that this thing should be started by Honey. He was starting to look so good to me that now I was ready to have fuck with him my whole life.

One day, He told me that you would like to meet me? I flatly refused to meet him, but inside, I was also torturing myself to meet him. After this Honey started making a lot of efforts to convince me and finally, I agreed to meet him.

I asked Honey "Where do you live in Bangalore?  And how will you come to meet me.''

You don't worry, I will come there soon to meet you - Honey said

The next day Honey decided to meet me one day, after which now both of us were eagerly waiting for that day. After all, then the day had also come to a close when we were about to meet each other.

I knew that Honey would soon fuck me. So I was fully prepared to meet Honey wearing provocative outfits. Finally, on that day of Honey I got a call and we were all set to meet each other.  

Honey invited me to meet him at a park. As soon as I reached the park, Honey had already reached the park. As soon as Honey saw me, his face had blossomed a lot, as if he too has been craving to meet like me.

Now we were sitting with each other in the park. Honey looked much more handsome so I felt ashamed to talk to him. But shortly after, I was completely mingled with Honey. Time was not being known while talking to Honey. Suddenly, Honey started to put his hand under my skirt on my bare legs. There was a different thing in Honey touch, I don't know why, I was getting hornier by his touch, but i don't know how but i kept my sensual under control.

The two of us talking looked like we were made for each other. After some time Honey had lost his patience as a whole. He looked at my eyes with affection and as soon as his eyes came towards my lips, I started kissing him directly. Now Honey was also constantly kissing my throat and my lips as well, and I was being stimulated by turning my hand on my back too.

After some time, I realized that we are both in the park. So I cut Honey away from me and I said. ''Honey, we are both in the park, maybe it wouldn't be nice to do all this here.''

You are absolutely right, well then come with me we go to a hotel.  - Honey Said

Along with me Honey was also getting desperate to have sex in full mood. Shortly after, both of us had booked a room, after which we both moved towards our room. As soon as we went inside both rooms, Honey closed the door of the room from inside and started smiling towards me. I was also beginning to smiling towards Honey. So Honey started kissing me. We both were kissing each other upper body. Honey kissing me under my ears and towards the upper parts of the boobs, I was constantly being aroused.

Like, he was obsessed with fucking me. But he probably considered me very special. Honey now kissed me and put his hand inside my pussy inside my skirt. Honey started finger in and out by putting a finger in my pussy, after which the excitement had reached its peak. My pussy was completely wet.  Now my pussy was being tortured to take a cock inside.

Both of us had only room for two hours, so Honey didn't want to leave me any effort in fucking. In a short time, Honey had only naked me from the top and freed my round boobs from my bra. Honey first picked me up in a romantic way and looking at my eyes, smilingly laid me on the bed, he slowly started climbing on top of me and started licking my boobs.

With the touch of his, my boobs were quite tight.  He was sucking my boobs like butter and I was also enjoying it by closing my eyes and turning my hand on his head.

Like, he was licking my boobs. I have never felt this way before! He was also doing finger in and out of my pussy with one hand. Now Honey, in a romantic style, opened my skirt in a romantic style and took down my panty. Similarly, he slowly took his mouth to my pussy.

"Wow your pussy is so wet" he said,

And he started licking my pussy. Initially, he started putting his tongue in and out of my pussy, and drank all my juice.

By now Honey and I had gone inside a deep excitement. And now Honey had first removed his shirt, jeans and pulled out his 6 inch cock while lowering his paint.

Now Honey while putting my legs up, put his 6 inch cock inside my pussy in one go. Initially, I felt a little hurt when he jerked, but later I started enjoying a lot. Honey was a very strong man; he had let the scream out of my mouth within a short time. The voice of both of us was echoing throughout the room.

I was moan in great pleasure. Honey, fuck me............…Fuck meee……. Ahhhhh…...............................Ahhhhh…....... Ahaaaaa…… oh yeah fuck me harder ............................ahhhaa….........................................he and me reached the end.

He unloaded his full cum inside my pussy. He hugs me tightly and we both slept hugging each other.

We had only two hours on that day, during which both of us enjoyed sex in quite different positions. After that we both left from the hotel. Since that day, we both meet each other twice a month.

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